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“Our successful collaboration with S4G allowed us to understand our Salesforce ecosystem as a single source of information throughout different stages of our sales funnel, generating strategic dashboards based on data, enriching and supporting all our strategic investment decisions.”    


Jose María González. Digital Transformation Director

What does Zamora Company do?

ZAMORA COMPANY is a family firm specialising in premium wines and spirits.

A Spanish company operating in 60-plus countries, with more than 70 years to its name and an extensive portfolio of national and international brands such as Licor 43, Villa Massa, Thunder Bitch, Ramón Bilbao, Mar de Frades and Cruz de Alba, among others. Its success is posited on two key elements: love for its brands and passion for its employees.

The firm engages in e-commerce and features a very successful shopping club. It regularly partners with festivals, trade fairs and trade marketing actions in general right across the peninsula.

Challenges detected

ZAMORA COMPANY has been using Salesforce as a CRM solution for approximately three years in the sales and customer service (B2B) areas, as well as SendClic as an email marketing tool and Xeerpa for social network profiling (B2C).

Owing to the new GDPR regulations (adaptation and automation) and the need to create and run new digital marketing and customer experience strategies, the company was looking for a global solution that could cover the present and future needs of its marketing area.

S4G Solutions for Zamora Company

The Marketing and Sales teams analysed Zamora’s needs during the project analysis and design phase.

The upshot of the analysis was the implementation of the marketing cloud tool including Social Studio to automate customer marketing and communication campaigns.

This implementation replaced the SendClic and Xeerpa solutions the company had been using, delivering savings in licensing and a better construction of the 360° customer insight.

In parallel, the S4G sales team, together with the Zamora Company Compliance/DPO, IT and Marketing teams, worked on the Sales Cloud GDPR Console so that all regulatory requirements could be managed from a single Salesforce screen.

Finally, the data was passed from Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud via the native connector.
Social listening dashboards (Social Studio) were also implemented to “analyse sentiment” among consumers of the different Zamora brands (B2C) on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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