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Trasmediterránea: Success Story

Passenger and Freight Transport
Sales Cloud - Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud
Southern Europe
Work Areas
Development - Design - Integrations - Front Stack

“The real value proposition from S4G is that they are a real Consulting Partner for their Customers. When you work with them, you feel that your success is their success and from day one they add value identifying functionalities that make the difference between having a standard Salesforce solution or the solution that can truely transform your business.”


Juan Manuel Caballero. CIO

What does Trasmediterránea do?

Trasmediterranea is the leading Spanish shipping company that has been connecting the main ports on the mainland to the Balearic and Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Algeria and Morocco since 1917. It currently manages around 20 ships (ferries, high-speed and cargo vessels) plying 40 routes and carrying over two million passengers per year.

Challenges detected

360-degree view for the customer service department and any other needing case management information. 360-degree view for the ticketing and onboard services departments to boost cross-selling. Recommended algorithm for cross-selling.


Trasmediterranea needed to streamline customer management and provide a 360° view on passengers to all departments requiring this information to better serve and more efficiently manage resources to boost sales and retain its customer base. The main points of focus were ship-to-ticket office communication at each port, passenger incident management with the customer service department in Madrid and corporate engagement with customers through digital and social channels.

S4G Solutions for Trasmediterránea

  1. 360-degree view for all departments.

  2. Help in managing duplicates.

  3. Interface to assist onboard services during boarding.

  4. Creation of offline and online cases.

  5. Cross-departmental case management.

  6. VIP customer management.

  7. Implementation of Tenfold (Salesforce-integrated phone system).

  8. Customer journeys (abandoned cart, birthday greetings, loyalty campaigns).

  9. Quality survey mailouts and reporting.

  10. Automation of case generation from survey results.

  11. Improved ticket-sales management tim.

  12. Integration with:

    1. Websites

    2. Mobile App

    3. General company datamart.


The backbone of the solution was based on providing a 360° view of the company’s customers, with the complexity of handling a very high data volume, providing users with general and specific information on reservations, tickets, boarding passes and incidents.


  1. To improve ship-to-ticket office communication and ensure the provision of passenger information on trip preparation, a consultation interface was built to answer questions concerning passengers, pets, trucks and special needs.

  2. Many Service Cloud functionalities were implemented to streamline incident management, such as OmniChannel, Email-to-Case, Web Forms and Chat (from the www.trasmediterrá website). In addition, and thanks to integration with Marketing Cloud, a comment posted on social networks can now be converted and managed as a case in Salesforce.

  3. Abandoned cart journeys, birthday greetings, loyalty campaigns and trip satisfaction surveys are sent to drive ticket purchases and customer loyalty through Marketing Cloud. In the case of trip satisfaction surveys, a negative response automatically triggers a Salesforce incident in relation to the passenger, the ship and the trip so it is not only attended to but also counted as a management indicator.


30 %

improvement in ticket office management time

50 %

improvement in surveys sent

50 %

improvement in survey response rate

100 %

Comprehensive marketing permission management

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