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Sales Cloud and NPSP
UK (Main Office), Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil and US
Working Areas
Fundraising, Lobbying & Advocacy, Finance & Administration

“We did not have any staff with database skills on staff and nor had we worked with Agile project methodology, but the S4G team were there to “hold our hand” at every stage. We are very pleased with the solution provided. It has dramatically improved our efficiency. So, we have continued our partnership past the end of this project and look forward to working more with S4G in the future”.


Data Protection Lead at Survival International

What does Survival International do?

Survival International is a human rights organization formed in 1969 that campaigns for the rights of indigenous tribal peoples and uncontacted tribes.

The organisation’s campaigns generally focus on tribal people’s desires to keep their ancestral lands.

Survival International calls these peoples “some of the most vulnerable on earth”, and aims to eradicate what it calls “misconceptions” used to justify violations of human rights.

It also aims to publicize the perceived risks that tribes face from the actions of corporations and governments.

Survival International states that it aims to help foster tribal people’s self-determination.

Challenges detected

Currently the UK, France and US offices have implemented Salesforce (each in a different way, but all within the same instance). The Global Management team has selected this solution for carrying out a unified project for 7 countries: Spain, Italy, UK, France, USA, Brazil and Germany.


Within this international project, one of Survival International’s main needs was to have a scalable system that could accompany its growth and expansion. On the other hand, it was necessary to create a 360º vision of the donor, leaving behind the previous solution (manual management outside the CRM) and with the added challenge of connecting information from more than 20 databases.

In addition, the organization’s work flow had to be standardized, optimizing all the management processes and dealing with the donor. It was also necessary to have all donor information consolidated and up to standards at all times.

All this was achieved with the aim of increasing the impact on donors, thus increasing donations, the number of members and engagement, while improving the brand’s image. Also with the clear purpose of improving the quality of service and donor satisfaction.

S4G solutions for Survival International

  • One of the first steps was to migrate the existing Salesforce organization to a new one. To achieve this we implemented NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack). On top of that, an external company assisted in the migration process with the supervision of S4G professionals.
  • In order to connect the more than 20 databases hosted in different countries, the Salesforce system was adapted with content management to match them to the appropriate entities or to include all of the fundraising data (Donors, Donations, Signatories, volunteers,…).
  • S4G’s CRM for NGOs also solved the problems related to tax processes. This simplifies processing of remittances, receipts and tax certificates by country, each with their respective forms (in Spain, the Modelo 182). In addition, Salesforce helped in the creation of a unique data entry and processing system as well as the measurement of ROI with the automatic management of UTMs.
  • Another important solution is the integration with SmartDebit in order to manage remittances and Gift Aid in the UK. A complete interface was also developed to manage all the information of pending orders from the UK, along with the integration of Google Drive and Gmail.
  • Finally, a tailored preference center was created that differentiates various types of contacts. In order to achieve this we used the standard Salesforce object, ‘Individuals’, with a custom-made development in the Sales Cloud.


  • With all the above mentioned, Survival International, achieved a centralized solution for all the 7 countries, allowing them to manage accurately their relations not only with their donors and supporters, but also with the tribes and tribal people.
  • They are also now able to manage all the content they generate for each of their Causes and Actions, having them centralized, searchable and relatable to the desired entities.
  • This results in better advocacy actions, controlled both internally and externally, spreading the word in a much more directed way.
  • The centralized management provided by NPSP + Marketing Cloud for Fundraising, has empowered their capacity to reach, retain and grow.
  • Salesforce also provided a way to manage remittances and tax certificates in a bulk and controlled way for each country involved, reducing substantially the time needed for this management.

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