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SEDECAL: Success Story

Healthcare Technology
Field Service

“As our consulting partner, S4G has done an extraordinary job in understanding what we expected from them. After a difficult start with the development of Salesforce CPQ, their perseverance, professionalism and excellent work have been key to the success of our CRM. We have dealt with another vendor and I can definitely say that there is a big difference when the communication channels are clear and transparent. We have not only developed a CRM, we have also learned. I would definitely count on S4G again”.


Sonia Alonso. Product Marketing

What does SEDECAL do?

SEDECAL, Anagram for Spanish Society of Electromedicine and Quality, is a family business founded in 1994, with 100% Spanish capital and with representation in 160 countries distributed worldwide. 

Dedicated to the manufacture and design of medical equipment, mainly for X-ray imaging, its objective is to provide health professionals with the technology that allows them to diagnose and treat all kinds of illnesses.

Sedecal’s purpose is to prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat or alleviate diseases. To this end, it has five leading divisions in its sector: 

  • OEM division, medical radiology

  • Veterinary Division, Veterinary Radiology

  • Preclinical Division, PET/CT

  • Ozone Division, medical ozone generation

  • Subcontracting Division

Challenges detected

SEDECAL, which has 90 field technicians, needed a unified process to be able to organize, measure and simplify its business processes, rationalize costs and have a better knowledge of its clients.

It needed a solution that would allow them to make more reliable measurements to increase their customers’ trust.  The management and structuring of the territories was another significant challenge, reflecting a need to know what value each one of the clients contributes to each region and the potential that they have with each one of them, as well as the potential that each division can reach in the market.

Additionally, part of SEDECAL’s business is the sale of radiology equipment, which is extremely complex and can be marketed by parts, or as simple individual pieces. 

The configuration of the equipment had to be clearly presented to the users, so that they could select one or several predefined options when making a proposal to a client

In addition, one or more discounts should be applied to this proposal, and the total amount should depend on the options selected. 

Finally, the proposal had to be exportable to PDF, and among other factors, it had to be flexible in its format to accommodate various currencies.

All of the above must be available in two or three languages: English, and French or Spanish…

S4G Solution for SEDECAL

Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning solution was implemented and  integrated within the Service Cloud platform, to provide total and absolute coverage both online and offline to the needs of SEDECAL’s field technicians

CPQ was implemented to help the client analyze and build the structures of its products in Salesforce, and give it all the tools to be self-sufficient. 

A specific price was defined for each product, with discounts in different phases, including variables according to the currency among other factors. We designed multiple templates to present the offers, which translate the information (products, descriptions, text fields) automatically depending on the language selected.



productivity within the work teams


reliability of measurements


administrative processes reducing lead time


information offered to clients, improving the brand image

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