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Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation Spain: Success Story

Non Profit
NPSP, Program Management Module, Volunteers For Salesforce
EMEA, Spain
Fundraising, Finance and Administration, Family Room Program Management, Volunteer Management

“In the digital transformation process that the Foundation began last year, the implementation of Salesforce represents a fundamental pillar and having walked this path accompanied by S4G has been of great help.”


Cinzia Rizzati. Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation Spain


The Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization established in 1997. Its mission is to create and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. Through the Ronald McDonald Houses and Family Rooms, the Foundation offers a “home away from home” to families with children with serious health problems who are hospitalized in Spain.

The Challenge

The Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation was looking for a CRM solution to manage their Houses and Rooms, their volunteers, customer care cases and also the associated Fundraising activities.

S4G´s Solution for The Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation

S4G implemented Salesforce CRM for NGOs as a solution for the Foundation, focused on five main areas:

  1. Parameterization of the NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) base packages: Households, Contacts and Organizations, Relationships, Affiliations and Recurring Donations.
  2. Installation and Parameterization of the CRM package:
    • Comprehensive management of Fundraising, from recruitment and integration with Web forms to invoicing, including the management and generation of tax certificates and Modelo 182 (Spain), always maintaining the 360 view of collaborators, whether they are donors, partners, beneficiaries, companions or volunteers, or a mix of roles.
    • In addition, the integration between the Client’s website and Salesforce is contemplated. This allows for the automatic entry of donations/members and integration with payment gateways, both for one-time and recurring payments made through the web.
  3. Installation, parameterization and customization of the Program Management module.
    Management of Homes/Family Rooms: the solution enables management of the occupancy of Homes (rooms and beds) and Hospital Rooms, as well as record keeping for the stays and deposits of each beneficiary and their companions.
  4. Installation, parameterization and customization of  Volunteers for Salesforce for
    Management of volunteers for the different activities of the Foundation, their registration by House/Room, and automatic control of volunteering history through volunteering Skills and affiliations.
  5. Other
    Incident management at beneficiary and volunteer level, with the option to attach files.
    Integration with the Foundation’s APP for visibility of family stays.

The results

With the implementation of this new management solution, the Foundation begins a new phase in which it expects to be able to provide a better service to the families it serves, better organize volunteer tasks and, of course, be more efficient in its management processes and have more and better information for decision making.

These are high expectations, reflecting the capacity of Salesforce and S4G.

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