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ESCI: Success Story

Higher education. University
Salesforce HEDA
Work Areas
Implementation - Integration and Development

“To implement HEDA, a partner must understand the different university levels, the resources available to it and its decision-making times. The achievements we have made in a single year are down to the S4G team, their professionalism and empathy with the education industry.”


Christian Rovira. Communication and Alumni Engagement Director

What does ESCI do?

The ESCI-UPF school of international studies, with 25 years of history, affiliated with Pompeu Fabra University, offers two undergraduate degrees (International Business & Marketing and Biocomputing), four master’s degrees and executive courses.

Challenges detected

It is a public consortium offering degrees at an unsubsidised public price, meaning that its competitors are both public and private universities.


This requires it to be very efficient at resource management and highly effective in recruiting students.


With over 2,000 leads-per-degree in the 2016-2017 school year, the centre needed to simplify the way it managed potential students who until now had been obtained from Google and Google Sheets forms.


It also wanted a flexible CRM that could be integrated with the SIGMA academic management tool and which would adapt in the future to the activities carried out by other departments.


A complete view of the student journey was needed, not only at time of enrolment but as alumni throughout their careers.


In short, the aim was to find a tool that provided a 360° view of the entire community (students, companies, etc.).


The goal was to be more efficient in data management and more effective in recruitment and communication campaigns.

S4G Solutions for ESCI

ESCI-UPF opted for the Salesforce HEDA solution acting as follows:

  1. Database cleaning and subsequent uploading to Salesforce using Dataloader (2016-2017 recruitment drive data). 
  2. Segmentation: creating objects and campaigns in Salesforce. 
  3. Web-to-lead form modification and integration with Salesforce. 
  4. Manual entry of trade show leads, etc. 
  5. Salesforce Gmail Connector. 
  6. Database segmentation for mass mailings from Salesforce. 
  7. Uploading of first-year Business and Biocomputing students (Dataloader). 
  8. Creation of reports for campaign follow-up. 
  9. Tracking of HEDA model for undergraduate subjects. 
  10. Mailchimp connection. 
  11. Integration of Master’s tracking with HEDA model. 
  12. Preparing one-way integration with Sigma. 


Next steps: integration of Alumni and Career Service


30 %

leads increase during the academic year of 2018

7 %

of increase in the open rate of our campaigns.

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