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Cris Contra el Cáncer: Success Story

Sales Cloud and Pardot
Madrid (Spain)

“We started with Salesforce from scratch and we were able to adapt it as our company grew and our needs evolved. Logically, technology and innovation needs to help your business grow and manage your customers, which in our case translates to donors and partners, efficiently and as automated as possible.”


Marta Cardona. Directora en Cris Cáncer

What does Cris Contra el Cáncer do?

Cris Cáncer is an NGO that started operating in 2010 with the mission to eradicate Cancer. From the beginning, they had the clear vision that, to be able to grow as they wanted and have as big an impact as possible, they needed to have a 360º view of their constituents and automated processes that would allow them to scale and operate efficiently.

Challenges detected

  • Implement a Top CRM for an NGO with a very small budget.
  • Allow them to escalate increasing their headcount ever so slightly
  • Provide a simple to operate yet powerful marketing automation solution to start communicating on a personalized way with their constituents (2018).

S4G Solutions for CRIS contra el Cáncer

  • Implemented NPSP with S4G’s Fundraising package which is adapted to the Spanish market. This allowed for a very quick and reasonably priced project.
  • Automated most of the processes to a great extent so that growth did not require more headcount (eg: when someone becomes a recurring donor via web, the data entry in Salesforce, the deduplicating and the creation of the pledges happens automatically, without human intervention).
  • 2018 – Implemented Pardot to move to a more sophisticated marketing tool. The organization was using Mailchimp for email blasts, now they have landing pages, segmented 1-2-1 communications, journeys, etc…



Recurring donors in just over 8 years



1 to 5

persons increased the whole organization


Salesforce + S4G to other NGOs

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