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Bunge Limited: Success Story

Consumer Price Goods
Sales Cloud and Pardot
USA / South America/ Europe
Work Areas
Development and Design

“Since we started working with S4G our experience has been excellent. They have a great knowledge of Salesforce, they know how to adapt to the needs of the business and the solutions they present are of great quality. They are a flexible team that knows how to listen and takes care of the details.”


Iván Portillo. Salesforce Manager

What does Bunge Limited do?

Bunge Limited is one of the world’s leading agribusiness and food companies. It works on an integrated basis from the field to the consumer’s table, marketing and processing grains such as soy, wheat and corn and producing food (oil, margarine, rice, tomato, flour and food mixtures), acting in port and logistics services and producing sugar and bioenergy.

Challenges detected

Ukraine: (Mapping Solution)

Ukraine needed to stop losing customer information when employees left the company and to improve the quality of the data currently stored.

The aim was to obtain information on the activity of farmers, hectares, available stock and knowledge of their assets and to manage customer loyalty with the company. With all this information an improvement in customer insight and thus turnover was expected.

A solution was offered to improve the visualization of the facilities within Google maps, so you can have them geolocated on the map.


North America

In addition to the visualization of the facilites, the possibility of calculating routes to optimize the logistics of the transfer between silos, ports and farms was implemented.



The need in Hungary was twofold: on the one hand, it had to manage customers and business opportunities and, on the other, replace an existing application for customer visit management which was already obsolete, adding extra features and leveraging the possibility of having access to data in the cloud.

In addition to this, we wanted to harness the information stored in the system to analyze the business and detect opportunities for improvement.

S4G Solutions for Bunge Limited


The location is first obtained (with Google’s Geocoding API) based on the address stored in Salesforce. This means that from the “Mapping Solution” display we can see the facilities positioned on the map according to the search criteria we choose.

Finally, a new section was created in the map to find the best route between Bunge Limited accounts and/or facilities stored in Salesforce.



A tailored design was drafted and a Visualforce series developed to create an app for sales reps.

  • The application had to run on iPad because of user mobility.
  • The technology employed to develop the App Store Visit was: AngularJs 1.x, CSS3, HTML 5, jQuery and Bootstrap 3.

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