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NGO/ Non-profit
Sales Cloud, NPSP, V4F and Pardot
Spain and LATAM
Work Areas
Membership Recruitment and Management, Invoicing and Volunteer ManagementWork

“We can say that it has been a success. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the involvement and effort we have all made and for the great milestones for our organization that we have achieved such as having a global application at international level, solid and increasingly stable, or that we finally have the Volunteers application. We will continue to jump the fences and skirt the obstacles we encounter along the way.”

Vanesa Martín. Digital Development and Technology Manager

What does Ayuda en Acción do?

Ayuda en Acción is a non-partisan and non-denominational NGO that fights against poverty and inequality. It promotes dignity and solidarity to build a fair world.

They have been working since 1981 in 20 countries including Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe, including Spain and Portugal. With more than 100,000 members, they support more than 850,000 people around the world.

They promote the solidarity of people in a global world to encourage children, their families and populations suffering from poverty, exclusion and inequality to develop their capacities to achieve their aspirations for a dignified life, in a sustainable manner.

Challenges detected

Ayuda en Acción has been a S4G customer since 2014. In that year, a large initial Salesforce implementation project was undertaken in one of the most important NGOs in Spain.

Since we first started helping them to automate and solve an initial series of day-to-day needs, as well as: membership management, annual tax returns with the 182 model, collection of donations by direct debit, sending annual donation certificates to members or integration with their ERP (SAP). Ayuda en Acción has continued to increase its use of different solutions from the Salesforce world, including over time new processes and tools to its original project.


From the beginning, the collaboration between S4G and Ayuda en Acción has been growing with new and evolving projects that have been undertaken to cover evolving needs of the organization, to improve and expand its Salesforce.

Projects such as the implementation of Pardot, the integration with Addonpayment to manage the recurring payments of members by Credit Card, as well as the installation of the Salesforce application “Volunteers for Salesforce” for the internal management of the organization’s volunteers.

Adaptation and migration projects with the inclusion of the LATAM and Portugal offices are the latest challenges we have been facing together to improve the daily management of expanding offices, areas and processes. Since that first project more than 6 years ago those needs have not stopped growing.



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