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Transport and Tourism
Service Cloud, Platform and Heroku
Work Areas
Customer Service, integration, optimization

What does Armas Trasmediterránea do?

Grupo Armas Trasmediterránea is the largest shipping company in Spain and 4th largest in Europe. As a maritime transport company for passengers and goods, it operates both nationally and internationally, linking the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and North Africa with the Spanish mainland.

Challenges detected

With the acquisition of Trasmediterranea, there was a need to consolidate both companies under the same framework, deciding to merge processes and base the configuration on Trasmediterranea’s Salesforce implementation. It was essential to modify processes for unification, adapting terms used in either interface to achieve a common language, in addition to the challenge of multiplying the volume and frequency of data entering Salesforce daily.

S4G Solutions for Armas Trasmediterránea

The integration design was modified with a new Heroku Base to support the volume of data to be inserted and modified daily in Salesforce.

The user interfaces were optimized so that they can show more information. A single screen is capable of displaying information from 3 different objects, with complex filters involving up to 8 objects, without losing speed, taking into account that there are around 100 million records.

Customer service management processes were incorporated to Naviera Armas as well.

Consultoría de S4G en Armas Trasmediterránea

Thanks to this project, strategic objectives were reached that helped to improve sales and customer acquisition, personalizing the customer experience with a “1 to 1” approach.

A real digital transformation was achieved, without losing touch with the customer, leveraging:

  • Omnichannel communication 

  • Self-service.

  • Automation.

  • AI and Big Data technologies.

  • “Best Practices” of market solutions.

Most importantly, value was provided to customers at all stages in the passenger cycle, from the search for a ticket to the end of the trip.

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