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Salesforce Maintenance and Managed Services

Support and ongoing maintenance of your Salesforce

Salesforce Maintenance

A CRM project does not end after its implementation. It evolves along with the company to continue taking advantage of the technology year after year, as it, like your business, evolves.

After the Salesforce project goes live, many customers choose to contract ongoing Maintenance services. The needs of organizations are dynamic and the ability to adapt tools boosts  efficiency and competitiveness.

Salesforce maintenance can be used for enhancements, incident management, troubleshooting, small developments, report customization, process consulting, or training.

What if you need more personalized support?


Managed Services

At S4G we offer managed services. It is a flexible and more cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time in-house Salesforce experts.

The team of experienced Salesforce consultants analyze your business challenges and needs to propose optimization ideas and improvements in the use of Salesforce tools.

 Managed services allow collaborative planning and prioritizing of the evolution, developments and enhancement of your Salesforce, according to your business objectives.

The advantages of contracting Salesforce maintenance services:

  • You have at your disposal an experienced team specialized on Salesforce maintainance.
  • Consume hours from your support package as needs arise.
  • Requests are handled through an agile case system.
  • Solve problems and enhance the use of Salesforce with a minimum investment.

The advantages of contracting Managed Services:

  • You have at your disposal a consultant and a fixed team with an agreed dedication to your project.
  • Your trusted consultant knows your organization and communicates with your team proactively through a direct channel.
  • You are billed for the time invested in support, with an agreed monthly minimum. This allows you to have the greatest predictability of the investment thanks to a stable and lasting relationship.
  • In addition, it helps you optimize Salesforce ROI in the organization and improve processes with minimal investment.

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