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Salesforce Platform Audit

Audit, detect areas of improvement, optimize

Salesforce audit: discover and improve

Many of our new customers are already users of one or more Salesforce clouds. Some of them want to implement additional Salesforce solutions or incorporate features such as Artificial Intelligence; others reach out to us because they are dissatisfied with the initial project or find that they are not getting the full benefit of the tools.

Some 40% of our clients come from a first Salesforce implementation that did not meet their expectations. We help them get a positive return on their Salesforce investment, ensuring success in these “second chance” projects.

S4G Onboarding Programs offer in-depth analysis on our clients’ Salesforce platforms, providing both quantitative and qualitative indicators, highlighting best practices and identifying areas to improve together with the client. The Process Audit evaluates UX/UI and Data Quality and is aimed to improve adoption, increase usability and automation. The main goal of the Technical Audit of Security and DevOps is to future-proof your Organization and provide sustainability and scalability.

Carrying out your Salesforce audit by S4G will allow you to:

  • Define your starting point, performing a health check of the existing implementation to initiate a working plan.
  • Automate processes to streamline the work of your team.
  • Identify possible security gaps.
  • Analyze data quality, detect errors and duplications.
  • Understand the need for Salesforce customization for different departments.
  • Detect user training needs to optimize their use of Salesforce.
  • Facilitate future maintenance and scalability of the solution, reducing or eliminating technical debt.

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