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Marketing Automation

Segment, personalize, and become fully Customer-Centric

What challenges does Marketing Automation solve?

Today’s marketers have to solve several challenges: designing a customer-centric strategy, collecting and exploiting data, achieving maximum personalization and creating a homogeneous user experience in a multichannel environment. In addition, continuous analysis is required because what worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow.

Whether B2B or B2C, marketing automation will enable you to solve these challenges more efficiently.

Salesforce’s marketing automation tools are designed to get Marketing and Sales teams working in sync. They allow you to better understand your potential and current customers and impact them with the right message at the right time, achieving a 1:1 communication.

Our marketing consultants specialize in both Pardot and Marketing Cloud and have helped organizations in a variety of industries implement, adopt, and get the most out of Salesforce’s marketing automation tools.

Working with a Marketing Automation consultant you can:

  • Implement Marketing Automation solutions and integrate them with other platforms (web, ecommerce, social media, performance platforms, etc.).
  • Migrate and synchronize data with complete security.
  • Customize your platform configuration based on your organization and business needs.
  • Create different use cases, journeys and workflows. Designing templates, lead formslanding pages and scoring criteria you can drive and measure the engagement you have with your customers.
  • Implement advanced predictive marketing strategy.
  • Apply best practices to optimize the ROI of using the tools and shorten the learning curve.
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR in the process of collection and use of personal data.

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