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Business Consulting and Change Management

Beyond implementation and development

Why do our clients value our Salesforce Consulting?

Digital transformation does not happen by simply implementing new technology. To ensure success, business processes, systems, corporate culture and even business strategy must be transformed.

At S4G we go beyond Salesforce implementation, development and integration consulting. We accompany our clients in their change management. We put ourselves in their shoes to understand their current situation, analyze their strengths and weaknesses and align  their resources and objectives.

After a thorough analysis, we develop a value proposition based on the client’s current needs and vision for the future, applying the most appropriate methodology and best practices for each project. 

What our clients value most is our commitment to excellence, our deep understanding of the current challenges in different industries, our specialization and proven experience with multiple Salesforce clouds and, above all, the trust we build in our relationship with clients.

Working with S4G, Top 10 Salesforce Partner globally, will allow you:

  • Have our senior consultants with hundreds of projects of experience at your disposal.
  • Determine the best Salesforce solutions for your needs.
  • Accelerate and maximize technology ROI.
  • Ensure rapid technology adoption by your employees.
  • Train users to get the most out of Salesforce.
  • Increase process and operational efficiencies.
  • Leverage the proven experience of more than 850 projects and apply best practices in your industry.
  • Become a truly data-driven, customer-centric company. 
  • Ensure ongoing maintenance of Salesforce tools as your needs change.

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