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Salesforce Services

Need help with your Salesforce implementation or system integration?

These are the services we can advise you on. We specialise in: Salesforce Consulting, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Field Service.

I'm a Salesforce client

business and systems consulting


The first step is to understand your customers’ business, its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, current situation and future vision. This is always the first step as it’s the only way to offer a value proposition.

Our work should go beyond simply implementing a CRM solution on Salesforce. We aim to make differential propositions entailing changes to the business structure and/or strategy, changes in processes, systems and people.


your implementation


To begin a project based on previous work, it is essential to have an understanding of the current situation. This requires an audit of the work carried out so far.

This will not only provide an understanding of how the current solution is built, but make it possible to detect problems and opportunities for improvement and allow the project team to work optimally, fast.




your business processes


The implementation of a CRM solution is always an opportunity to improve and optimise business processes. There’s no point trying to depict current processes in Salesforce without analysing them in detail to detect where improvements can be made.



I'm not a Salesforce client

Salesforce implementation


Salesforce is the best CRM in the world, with a spectacular functionality base to build on.

However, each business is different and has to adapt the tool to its particular needs. Obviously the know-how gained from implementing more than 350 projects for companies across 20-plus industries allows us to reuse best practices and be able to propose differential value solutions in all our projects.


System integration


One of the main concerns in addressing any project is system integration.

But integrating Salesforce with other systems is very simple and at S4G we have extensive experience in it with all types of systems, from ERPs such as SAP, Navision, JD Edwards and Sage to all manner of bespoke systems rolled out with different technologies. An important part of the project is deciding on information and process flows between the different systems.




Data migration


Unless it is a newly established firm, all enterprises have a wealth of information on their customers. It might not be structured and/or located in a system today, but it is very important to be able to collect all of this valuable information to get it up and running in Salesforce from the word go.

Without data migration, the company loses something very valuable: historical information. And users get a compelling reason to rebel against the new tool, arguing that it doesn’t have the data they need to do their job.



Client of Salesforce or not

Training and change management


The main reason why Salesforce projects fail is due to users not leveraging it. And the main reason why users don’t leverage it is they can’t see the value it brings them or don’t know how to use it properly.

It’s essential to focus firmly on projects involving training and change management. All change requires effort and time to settle. Without proper change management, the adoption process will be much trickier.




Evolutive maintenance


After project go-live and use, needs for improvement and changes to the tool will start to emerge. It is therefore essential to have evolutive maintenance and support so the tool can adapt swiftly to what users need.

We can also help with

Mobility and community developments


Being able to perform complex tasks in mobility, whether on smartphones or tablets, requires certain developments to the standard Salesforce mobile app.

For customers looking to have an intranet or customer or partner community (distributors, suppliers), we can create powerful Salesforce Communities solutions.



Customised developments in and Heroku


One of the core benefits of Salesforce as a CRM is how easy it is to expand. With the platform, we can develop any functionality and process within the CRM, such as aftersales processes to be carried out by back office departments.

With Heroku PaaS, we can implement any development outside of Salesforce and integrate it with it easily.