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Salesforce billing CRM

Improve quoting and billing, accelerate deals and provide more transparency to your clients with CPQ & Billing by Salesforce.

Revenue Cloud (CPQ & Billing) is a Salesforce solution that allows you to bring sales and finance departments together, facilitating quoting and billing and improving your customer experience.

Speed up pricing and don’t leave your clients waiting due to your pricebook updates. Salesforce CPQ & Billing connects directly with your ERP, syncing your client, product, pricing and other information to consolidate your sales process.

Revenue Cloud, with CPQ & Billing, allows you to easily configure processes within a single interactive platform, establish and modify price agreements, manage contracts, orders, assets and subscriptions. Accelerate negotiations by enabling your sales team to get one-click approvals from their supervisors or even set automatic rules. CPQ & Billing definitely adds speed, efficiency and precision to your financial processes and helps you optimize your revenue.


  • Connect your sales and finance departments.
  • Set and update quotes seamlessly.
  • Accelerate the closing of transactions.
  • Maintain your price lists updated at any moment.
  • Integrate Revenue Cloud into your ERP and leverage your customer intelligence.
  • Build a 360 customer view and monitor your KPIs.
  • Set automated business rules to validate new transactions.
  • Speed up cash collection and improve transparency.
  • Provide quoting guidance to your sales reps by configuring the templates of your products and discounts in your CRM.


We know that maintaining your finances up-to-date can be challenging. That’s why when Salesforce launched Revenue Cloud (CPQ & Billing) we made sure our clients could benefit from this solution. Many of them can already share a successful experience of improving their revenue flow: Fujifilm, BIC, Istobal, Elisa Videra, DVD Dental and many other local and international companies.

For example, Sedecal, an international manufacturing company, were in need of a solution to organize their products by prices and gain agility in proposal generation. By implementing CPQ we helped them to apply individual pricing for different types of clients, in addition to leveraging templates for products and quotes. By doing this, Sedecal improved their customer journey and client satisfaction.


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