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Full integration of all your systems

Integrate and connect all your applications, data and devices seamlessly, accelerating your Digital Transformation with MuleSoft, the Salesforce integration and API Management platform.

Mulesoft is the leading integration and API Management platform that facilitates data connection from any system, which allows creating connected experiences seamlessly. Thanks to its API-based system, point-to-point integration is a thing of the past. MuleSoft integrates any application, data or device that is part of your organization by reusing connectors available in its Anypoint Exchange. Therefore you avoid starting from scratch every time you add or update any of your systems.

The great advantage of MuleSoft is that it makes it easy to develop your APIs within its platform and troubleshoot them, while having the whole integration cycle in one place. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? And if that wasn’t enough, MuleSoft is a hybrid platform, so you will not have any issues integrating other Salesforce clouds or other public servers such as Google, Microsoft Azure or AWS. With MuleSoft your only concern will be thinking about the next step you need to take to fast track your digital transformation.


  • Integrate all your applications, data or devices on a single platform.
  • Centralize a full integration cycle (Implementation, Management, Monitoring and Control) on a single platform.
  • Fast track your Digital Transformation.
  • Make the most of the MuleSoft hybrid platform to integrate any system, on-premise or cloud-based.
  • Improve your sales, B2B ecommerce or marketing services by reducing the integration processes workload.
  • Provide your company with a scalable platform that allows you to reuse previous integration processes.
  • Avoid delays and rebuilds with every system upgrade.
  • Act quickly in response to new business needs.


Digital transformation has become a real challenge for many companies in recent times, especially when it comes to integrating different systems. Therefore, at S4G we have a MuleSoft team with great expertise that has managed to implement this solution in many of our clients: Finsa, Aquaservice and Ilunion, among others, helping them to integrate any system used by their organization.

Read about the keys to a successful integration with MuleSoft on our Blog.


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