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The world's leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem

Salesforce is the global leading provider of CRM solutions for Sales, Marketing & Customer Service. The company that transformed business software by creating the Cloud Computing model for it, is a true innovator that has been recognised by Forbes as the most innovative company in the world for 5 years. At S4G, we implement only the best technology, therefore we work exclusively on Salesforce projects. 

Sales Cloud


Connect with your customers in a whole new way, shore up relations with your prospects, boost conversion rates and consolidate your relationship with them to grow your business from any place and any device.

Sales Cloud adapts to your pipeline, boosting productivity with an intuitive work space where you can check all information in real time at a single glance or conduct an in-depth account analysis.

Sales Cloud drives performance by offering a complete view of your customer, from the contact log to the most important information from social networks, enabling you to better handle contacts, opportunities and all the information needed to close a sale.

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Revenue Cloud (Salesforce CPQ)



Revenue Cloud (Salesforce CPQ) moves sales process automation into a new paradigm. Revenue Cloud allows for in-depth product configuration, regardless of complexity, including price calculation as a function of multiple inputs, creating personalized proposals for the negotiation and closing stages of your sales cycle. 

As a solution integrated within market leading CRM Salesforce, your proposals can be generated up to ten times quicker  than with a standard CRM without Revenue Cloud. This automation means quicker turnaround times for your sales team and less errors thanks to a simpler, more agile quoting process.

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Service Cloud


With Service Cloud you can offer exceptional customer care in a smarter fashion over any channel (phone, email, chat, social networks, etc.), providing instant solutions from any place and any device.

Plus you can power agent productivity with Lightning Console, a smart tool for assigning cases to agents that cuts service costs.

Solutions, help articles and similar cases can be published on an open knowledge base your agents can use to help them solve new cases. Customers can also access the base to find the answers they need or to contact an agent to help them find a solution.

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If you’re looking for the best solution for offering best-in-class service to your clients as quickly and efficiently as possible, Salesforce Field Service Lightning offers a user-friendly platform designed to drive customer satisfaction:

Your clients are able to book appointments with your service agents directly from your website, allowing for improved schedule management.  

All actions carried out by service agents with your clients will be registered, offering the ability to maintain an updated 360º view of the clients relationship with your brand over time.


You will also have the power to optimize routing of your technicians’ visits, while making a more effective use of their time and improving your carbon footprint with the use of electronic signature. 

To top it all off, Salesforce Field Service Lightning works both online as well as offline.

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Social Studio


There’s no doubt that social networks are a fundamental element for any company looking to increase their visibility. 

Social Studio is the Marketing Cloud tool which helps community managers and social network leads to manage all social networks accounts and profiles centrally. As one of the most impactful tools on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Social Studio also offers the opportunity to collect all CRM, customer service, and marketing data for your clients and leverage that information to create a unique user experience. 

Social Studio is designed to be as simple as possible, facilitating interaction with colleagues within the platform and with clients through functionalities like: Social Listening, social media management, real interaction with clientes, and publication calendars.

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Pardot is the Marketing Automation solution designed by Salesforce that will help you generate and accelerate business opportunities by automating and customizing communications with your prospects.

It is a user friendly tool that adapts perfectly to all types of businesses, from companies with B2B business models to those oriented towards the end user. It is the ideal solution for organizations of any size that want to start with the world of marketing automation through targeted and personalized campaigns.

S4G is a leader in designing and implementing Marketing Automation projects which allow you to take full advantage of your sales opportunities and increase the profitability of your outbound campaigns.

Marketing Cloud


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the most complete and powerful digital marketing platform on the market, letting you contact your customers one-by-one, providing the right message over the right channel at the right time.

Unified access to all data sources- from web analytics and social networks through CRM data- gives you a unique and complete view of your customer, with drag-and-drop tools to prepare actions in line with behaviours, test new ideas with A/B tests and create personalised experiences with your customers, from targeted ads and email through SMS and push notifications on mobile apps.

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Community Cloud


Community Cloud provides a social collaboration platform that gives your customers, partners and employees a voice, driving engagement with companies and creating better brand connections.

Community Cloud can create communities for specific needs or topics, personalised in content and brand. It can facilitate information browsing and question-setting to get the answer you need.

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Analytics Cloud


Customers today generate more data than ever before. Businesses must transform the way this information is compiled, analysed and distributed.

With Analytics Cloud, all of your business’s critical information, CRM and ERP data and any other data source are joined together in a unique approach to enhance the outcomes you get in your enterprise, deepening your customer knowledge and powering your ability to optimise their experience.

Analytics Cloud is revolutionising the way strategies can be defined. Any area of the company can get the information it needs about the enterprise, with no need for IT support, helping learn the answers to questions for better customer engagement.



Salesforce offers an industry vertical for non-profits, designed especially with NGOs and educational institutions in mind. In this vertical, a distinction should be made between two cloud solutions:

Non Profit Cloud, built on NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) data architecture, offers one-click access to your organization’s information. With this cloud solution you can measure program efficiency, establish better relationships with your donors, and determine the best channel to foster collaboration within your ecosystem.

Education Cloud, built on EDA (Education Data Architecture), is your best ally in achieving a more efficient management of the ‘student journey’ throughout their relationship with the educational institution.



For each action or workflow within an organization, it’s often necessary that many systems work together and provide their unique information so that we can carry out a business process.

Salesforce now offers full system connectivity in a much simpler way via the Mulesoft platform, which streamlines your integration needs, delivering operational agility so you can focus on business solutions.

Mulesoft is the industry leader for Integration and API Management, facilitating an intuitive connection between data sources from any system in an agile, user-friendly interface. Mulesoft offers a complete solution to manage device, application, and data connectivity via APIs, allowing your company to build data application networks and processes in the cloud and create one connected experience.

B2B Commerce Cloud


B2B Commerce is the Salesforce solution for easy, intuitive creation of e-commerce portals, ideal for reaching the end user or facilitating self-service to wholesale partners in your delivery network.

B2B Commerce offers the potential cater online sales to your customers with a much more complete experience, adaptable to the conditions of each client, and accessible from any device. From this platform you can manage sales easily, controlling your inventory and personalizing the experience from order to payment, making the transaction as simple and intuitive as possible.


Salesforce Platform

Create tailored apps faster and build your business even more quickly

App Cloud is the leading platform in cloud computing which lets you connect all your data and applications, enabling you to build innovative apps that will drive your business.

App Cloud is a new concept in platform as a service (PaaS), with a multi-user infrastructure, metadata-based architecture and a fully managed database.

App Cloud provides you with the confidence to create applications with point-and-click tools. With pre integrated components, templates and apps, drag-and-drop tools, AppBuilder, Process Builder, Schema Builder and Community Builder, apps are built fast. Programmers can create apps in any language, adapted to any device, and can connect all your Salesforce and even non-Salesforce apps.

Want to know what have done for our customers with Platform?

At S4G we have helped our customers optimise their sales teams by implementing this leading market solution.

We have used it to create complex sales quote tools, optimised sales routes to maximum number of visits per rep, built point-of-sale management systems for retailers, integrated with all types of ERPs to have all of a customer’s information available to the sales network, and implemented digital signature systems to cut the time in receiving signed contracts.

We have enabled our customers to ramp up critical sales KPIs such as number of visitors per rep or number of active customers by 20% to 30%.

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We have advised and guided our clients in defining the best way to structure their products and pricing rules in order to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Revenue Cloud (Salesforce CPQ).


We have defined the business processes to support the sales team with the least complexity possible, incorporating the most diverse structures (BOM) and product configuration logic (default components, dependencies, exclusions, etc). We have also implemented complex price and discount calculation rules (volume based, subscriptions, matrix, etc) as well as the automation to facilitate these calculations and control the discounts offered. Finally, we have designed the documents to dynamically facilitate the customer (templates) as well as the processes of digital acceptance by end customers (Docusign).


We have significantly reduced the “time to market” for generating customer offers (sometimes by more than 50%) by allowing all business processes and calculations within Salesforce to be standardized. In addition, we have made it possible to generate combinations of new products and/or pricing methods to increase our customers’ revenue generation.


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At S4G we have helped our customers improve the perception their customers have of them and optimise their agents’ times by implementing the leading market solution.

We have integrated the solution in all types of call centres on the market, implemented virtual call centres, configured the tool to route contacts by different criteria (geographic, language, agent skills, etc.), designed systems that connect to multiple backoffice systems to provide the agent with a 360º, real-time view of the customer, and implemented satisfaction survey systems that trigger processes when undesired scores or comments are received.

We have enabled our customers to maximise agent productivity to minimise their numbers, while also providing an optimal service over any channel.


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Want to know what we’ve done for our clients with Field Service?

We’ve implemented a solution which allows Cafés Candelas to manage their technical service cases in all of their hospitality, restaurant, and catering clients.

This solution drives schedule optimization for each route, planning different service appointments to reduce time and mileage expenses, and most importantly, offer faster resolution of client cases.

By the same token, it facilitates comprehensive management of materials used in each service call, with an integrated solution for exhaustive stock control and new material purchasing.


The solutions we’ve deployed allow for segmentation by territory, whether defined at the province, city, or other level, including ad hoc segmentation rules. Additionally, service appointments can be automatically assigned to technicians based on predefined characteristics, without active intervention by a dispatcher. 


Field Service allows for implementation of logic to create a service appointment and in real time, inform the client the assigned technician, the time frame in which the service will occur, and, if necessary, offer the client the chance to give relevant information to the technician in preparation for the visit.


As soon as the appointment is assigned to the technician, they immediately are informed of the type of service case, the best route to the destination (in terms of traffic and distance) and the materials required for said case. If those materials are unavailable, the solution indicates which units to purchase to carry out the task.

Field Service is a completely digital solution, meaning that upon completion of the visit, the client can sign on a mobile device, confirming the acceptance of the work, the material used, and their satisfaction, avoiding the use of paper documentation throughout the process.


Overall travel times are reduced thanks to route optimization, which converts into savings in terms of time and fuel, while also reducing response times to clients and the total cost of service appointments.

This value is delivered to the end client as well, as they are well informed on their service call with data about the technician and the time frame of the service. Appointments can always be adjusted for another moment in which case Salesforce Field Service reflects the best available time frame based on existing service appointments. 

Field Service is an end-to-end solution that reduces the manual steps and effort necessary to achieve complete control over technical assistance operations via automation of daily tasks.

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Want to know what we’ve done for our clients with Social Studio?

We’ve helped to construct and establish a consistent dialogue between consumers and brands, giving brands the insights needed to detect changes in their consumers and identify market trends. 


Our collaborations with clients include implementation of Social Listening management tools to build a complete vision of the consumer, as well as lead generation campaigns organized and launched from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Additionally, we have designed and implemented Social Studio solutions, providing training and assessment for our clients in order to ensure the solution meets their needs and truly offers a centralized platform to manage and monitor their social networks.



With these solutions our clients can better control their campaigns,publication calendars, and analysis of posts across all social platforms. They also are enabled to respond in real time to user interactions, leading to better lead detection and case management, all powered by industry insights collected on the platform. 

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At S4G we have helped our customers define their digital marketing strategy and engage more meaningfully with their customers by implementing the leading market solution.

We have used it to cross-channel information from CRM, ERP and Data Warehouse systems to obtain all the business intelligence needed for optimal communications segmentation, we have established optimal and measurable customer journeys that make it possible to analyse the impact they are having, we have empowered our customers to engage with their customers over different channels, including email, SMS, mobile app notifications and Facebook ads, always with the right message, we have helped our customers ensure that the messages they send their customers are the most important ones, using dynamic content, and we have sent transactional messages with real-time triggers in response to particular events.

Hemos permitido que nuestros clientes se comuniquen mejor con sus clientes a través de cualquier canal y siempre con el mensaje correcto, impulsando la percepción mejorada de sus clientes de la marca e impactando positivamente la lealtad del cliente.

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At S4G we have helped our customers create connected communities with the CRM for employees, customers and partners.


We have used it to roll out employee communities with collaborative environments and interesting information for distributed organisations that didn’t feel they belonged to a group, we have created partner and customer communities to handle cases, place orders, have relevant marketing material to hand, hold discussion/collaboration forums and ideas portals to foster innovation.


We have enabled our customers to extend their CRM to partners and customers naturally, simply and safely.

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At S4G, we have helped our customers create tailored apps in record time and extend their CRM to after-sales functions.

We have implemented invoicing, warehouse and stock control systems, work-order and delivery-note management systems, factory production management with materials and shrink calculation, merchandise delivery process management from factory through final destination. We have created HR systems and ways to evaluate performance by skills and targets, and time reporting systems to control project deliverables and performance. We have also extended CRM naturally to technical, sales and after-sales teams to ensure that workflow and control is performed on the same platform after the sales rep receives an order signed by the customer.

We have enabled our customers to extend their CRM to where it is needed, creating a flexible system that fully adapts to the needs of their enterprise. We have powered tailored solutions in real time and brought them in way under the cost of other market solutions.

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