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  • Improvements and fixes in fields and page layouts, making Koala a more intuitive and user-friendly package for end users.
    • All fields and help texts were correctly translated to view the system completely in English or Spanish.
    • The page layouts were redesigned to optimize the visualization of the information. 
  • Adaptation of Koala to NPSP Enhanced Recurring Donations: Koala now works correctly with both classic and enhanced recurring donations. 
  • Change related to the bank identifier for remittances: in the previous version it was allowed to load one bank identifier per Office of the organization. In this new release it will be possible to enter a bank identifier for each remittance bank, offering more flexibility when processing remittances. 
  • Incorporation of the possibility of defining the batch for mass processes, such as the generation of remittances, creation and update of Modelo 182 (Spain), generation of certificates, etc. This improvement will be useful when the processes have a limit due to the number of records processed, by reducing the batch, these limits are no longer reached and the process runs smoothly. 
  • Adjustments to the public access configuration for certificate generation: due to the security changes implemented by Salesforce in the Winter 21 version, the functioning of the web access to download certificates has been adapted.


Remittance Bank Identifier

All organizations that are working with Koala must modify the information of the remittance bank identifier, moving this data from the Office Account to the records of the “Remittance Bank” object. They must also download a new version of the JAVA Document Generator application, which will be sent to them and which they must use from now on to generate the documents. The following steps must be completed:

  1. Go to Setup 
    1.  Object Manager → Search Remittance Bank and accept.
    2. Within the page layout section, choose the current layout and accept (check Page Layout Assignment to see applicable layout).
    3. Add the field “SEPA Creditor Identifier” to the page format and save.
  2. Navigate to the Office record in Koala and copy the existing number from the “DEPRECATED Company Identification Number” field.
  3. Go to the corresponding Remittance Bank record and copy the identifier in the “SEPA Creditor Identifier” field and save.
  4. Go to the other remittance banks and add the corresponding identifier in the “SEPA Creditor Identifier” field and save.
  5. Go back to Setup
    1. Object Manager → Search Account and accept.
    2. Within the page layout section, choose the Page Layout for Target and accept.
    3. Remove the “DEPRECATED Company Identification Number” field from the layout and save.

Settings for certificate generation

In order for donors to be able to correctly access the certificate when they receive it through a link, the following settings must be made in the Configuration:

  1. Go to Setup. 
  2. Search “Sites” and click on “Certificates”.
  3. Click on “Public Access Settings”.
  4. Click “Edit” and in the section “Standard Object Permissions” check the read box for “Accounts” y “Contacts” and save.

  1. In Profile Detail, click “View Users”.
  2. Click on user name “Site Guest User, Certificates”.
  3. Scroll down to “Permission Set Assignments” and click on “Edit Assignments”.

Within the section of “Available Permission Sets” locate “Certificates” and move it to “Enabled Permission Sets” before saving.



Koala activation for enhanced recurring donations

In order for Koala to work with enhanced recurring donations, the system administrator must complete the following steps:

Koala Activation for Enhanced Recurring Donations

  1. Access the Setup page.
  2. Search “Payment Method As Paid” in the general search bar and confirm.
  3. Click “Manage”.
  4. Click “Edit”.
  5. Make sure the checkbox “Is Enhanced Recurring Donations Enabled?” is checked.
  6. Save.

Settings should appear as follows:

New field permission:

In order for the Enhanced Recurring Donations functionality to work correctly, the “Installment Frequency” field located in the “Leads” object must be accessed by the profiles that are using Koala. 

This can be verfied with the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Click on “Object Manager”.
  3. Search for the object  “Leads”.
  4. In Fields & Relationships search for Installment Frequency y hacer click en el nombre.
  5. Click on “Set Field Level Security”.
  6. Check the “Visible” option for profiles who will use Koala. 
  7. Save


Modify bulk process batch

To reduce the mass process processing batch, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Search “Custom Metadata Types” in the general searchbarl.
  3. Click on “Manage Records”to the left of “Batch Parameter”.
  4. Click Edit next to the name of the process for which you are attempting to reduce a Bulk Process Batch.
  5. Change the value of “Batch size” to a smaller number, 50, for example (default is set at 200).
  6. Save



Please reach out with any questions or concerns: