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S4G recognized as a Great Place to Work®

On October 2018, we have been certified as a Great Place to Work®, an amazing recognition that is given to companies that focus on employee satisfaction and well being.

We are very proud to be on this list, a merit that could not be possible without the enthusiasm, compromise and loyalty of our team. After all, a big part of what satisfaction means to them is successfully delivering challenging projects!

Work/life balance

Having free time for your personal and family life is important. At S4G we offer work-at-home, flexitime and compressed hours solutions.

Innovation & collaboration

Innovative ideas always originate from people, which is why S4G fosters collaboration and teamwork to create an environment that encourages the creation of these ideas and a relationship that goes beyond the professional sphere.


S4G is aware of the time its employees spend at the office, so it has taken special care in office design. Working areas are spacious with designated areas for taking a break.

Career plans and Salesforce certifications

At S4G we are always searching for the most talented profiles. We have an appraisal system to track each employee’s objectives, which is a fundamental part of professional growth. S4G also has a Salesforce certification plan for each member of the team, and these certifications are paid for by the company.

After work & in-house events

S4G’s culture and its working environment encourage social interaction between employees. The organisation fosters this interaction with teambuilding events, organising theatrical improvisations in the company, outings to shows, go-karting, etc.




Thank you very much for your confidence and interest in sending us your candidacy. If your professional profile fits in the position, we will contact you as soon as possible. Otherwise we hope to be able to count on you in future processes.

If you want to know more about S4G Consulting, download our corporate presentation




"I joined S4G five years ago because I wanted to work for a small enterprise (seven employees) as an SFDC programmer. Within the first year I, along with my managers, realised that programming wasn’t for me and that what I really wanted to do was analyse and provide customer solutions, so I swapped over to being a functional consultant. Over the years I have become a business analyst in SFDC leading the .ORG vertical at S4G with several work teams, providing solutions to many NGOs and universities in a company of 50‑plus employees.
The opportunity that S4G gives you to grow professionally and guide you towards what you like best within the SFDC environment is invaluable. Then there is the great job environment, the team we form and the fact that we work like a well-oiled machine, learning from each project and from our colleagues every day.
There’s no question about it being the best Great Place to Work!


HEDA & NPSP Specialist

"Joining S4G has involved a quantum leap in my career as a consultant. I have found a very high professional/technical level with Salesforce projects, along with vast experience and good methodology in project management, impacting the quality of the deliverables and hence customer satisfaction. There is an extremely high level of internal communication across all levels which is encouraged by management, and this is very much appreciated.
Although highly demanding, the work takes place in a very friendly environment, with a terrific feeling of camaraderie and help among colleagues, team leaders and managers.
The team’s bond with and commitment to the company is remarkable and the Company’s management recognises and values this.
I have learnt a huge amount in the time I've been here."


Salesforce Consultant

“Working at S4G is definitely an experience that motivates me every day to want to be better at what I do. The level of professionalism of the whole team is very high. Every new project is a challenge that we take on as a team, and when I say team I mean everyone at S4G. It’s incredible how, in one way or another, everyone is willing to encourage, build and share experiences, including the teams that support us all, such as administrative, design, commercial and human resources, which have certainly always been a great help to me and I think to us all. It will always be a privilege for me to work with professionals who are my friends after work, and that is what I have at S4G.”


Salesforce Service Cloud & CPQ Specialist


"For me, joining S4G was a difficult decision at first because I had to change firms and that is scary the first time.

However, within a few days of starting at S4G I felt part of it. The welcome was great and the training programme that 16 of us were enrolled in (13 in Madrid and 3 in Barcelona) made it very easy to adapt as there were many people in the same boat.

I'd give the programme full marks. In a month I went from not knowing Salesforce at all to performing a complete property management exercise.

I would recommend this experience for anyone wishing to start out in Salesforce, particularly people making their first foray into the workforce."


Salesforce Developer

"When I was selected to join S4G they told me I would do a training course for a certain period of time. This boosted my confidence, because even though I had previous experience as a developer I didn't know the Salesforce tool and the training programme was invaluable in helping me apply my knowledge and understand S4G values. You have to put a lot of time and involvement into it and this speaks to the importance the firm gives to you really learning what it takes so you can be a great asset going forwards."


Salesforce Developer

"I hardly knew anything about the Salesforce world when I decided to do a placement here, and had lots of questions. What a great decision! From the very first day I felt myself part of this big family, supported by the whole team whenever I had any doubts or any problems that might arise. The desire that everyone has to help is amazing, and the great training you get courtesy of some great professionals. One of the things I most like about S4G is the quality of the projects they undertake, being supported by a really experienced team which has helped me follow a series of good practices that guarantee a job well done.

Working with Salesforce is a constant challenge. There are always new things to learn and new functionalities to discover, and as a technology enthusiast that’s something that keeps me motivated to keep learning. Working at S4G was undoubtedly a great professional decision."


Salesforce Developer