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The foundations of the industry: A 360° customer view built with real estate CRM software

Despite the rise of digital portals for selling and renting apartments and the advent of Proptech, the worldwide Real Estate sector is still not making the most of the CRM solutions. Perhaps because traditionally, the real estate market was dominated by specialists who have been using the same tried-and-true techniques that their predecessors applied. This is especially true for smaller real estate companies, which do not accelerate their digital transformation by incorporating a real estate CRM software into their daily work. Competing on the same terms as large real estate and digital agencies without these digital tools is next to impossible.

Why change when the process doesn’t break down and the industry continues to flourish? There are a couple of reasons: technology and competition. The recent increase in the capability and availability of customized digital technology has pushed many of these “old school” agents to adapt to use new tools. As new, younger and more tech-savvy agents rush in to fill the void, the demand for new technology-specific tools is growing every day. In other words, the real estate industry needs high-quality customer service management, CRM.


Converting contacts into stable and lasting customers with a CRM for the real estate agents

The real estate sector has historically benefited from the construction boom, the demand for second homes and renting; client flow was virtually assured. However, true success in the real estate industry requires flexibility. You need to be able to handle complex situations and concepts, understand the market and have a very clear idea of who your customers are and what they want.

In other words, we must be there for our customers whenever they need us and be able to provide them with detailed information they need to make a decision to complete perhaps one of the largest transactions of their entire lives. Cloud-based CRM is particularly well suited to assist in these tasks. The most successful real estate agencies are approximately twice as likely to adopt a CRM and lead management solutions compared to their less successful agents.

CRM for real estate management, like Activo by S4G, offers agencies an easy-to-use platform to move from a customer relationship strategy based on the simple publication of ads on real estate portals to a relationship based on 360° knowledge of customers. In addition to being able to live track opportunities and establish long-term relationships with your contacts.


Improve commercial effectiveness and increase productivity

Real Estate CRM in the cloud helps simplify agent communication and the purchasing process. It is a must-have tool for agencies that want to maintain a happy and productive relationship with all parties involved. Thanks to our knowledge of the real estate industry, we have helped renowned companies in the sector, such as Silex Asset Management or Urban View, among others.

Implementing complementary Salesforce solutions such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud, we will be able to leverage a wide variety of customer data, make better decisions based on reporting and analytics, optimize business processes and increase efficiency and business productivity by more than 30%. With Salesforce and S4G Consulting, you will lay the foundation for the transformation of your real estate business.


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