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A CRM for the digital transformation of the energy sector

The energy and utilities sector faces an inevitable digital transformation including imperatives of energy transition and the development of renewable energies, as well as the decentralization of production and the deployment of networks as close as possible to the territories. The transformation process cannot be complete without the implementation of a digital interaction CRM platform.

Energy market companies nowadays should be able to meet new customer expectations by offering new experiences, easily guiding customers through the registration or transfer process, and service activation through self-service B2B and B2C websites based on the management of energy data to meet current needs. Or even to offer new uses (electric vehicles, heat pumps, smart buildings, self-consumption, etc.) by using both drag and drop tools and functionalities, and complex processes that involve data integrations of backend systems to guarantee an intuitive and sensible service experience.

Companies struggle to obtain a view of each customer’s complete profile which enables them to offer a highly personalized and predictive experience, sharing special offers for programs or new rates for products, information that can be used to improve and personalize customer service. Salesforce CRM acts as a working tool that facilitates the technicians’ and sales teams’ tasks, increasing their productivity.


Knowledge of the energy and utilities market customer journey

After operating in the same way for 100 years, energy and utilities companies have entered the era of transformation. Following market deregulation and liberalization in some countries, new types of markets have emerged: regulated, regulated with competition, transitional and competitive.

Some of the main challenges that companies face include deregulation, modernizing obsolete infrastructures and people, processes of mergers and acquisitions, coping with the most competition in the marketing market, as well as undertaking the regulatory changes and other market rules.

As part of the digital transformation of the energy sector, supply companies need to address a digital transformation of their processes, driven by customer expectations, digital-first processes, improvement of the consumer experience and addressing disruptive regulatory and technological changes. In addition, sales and service processes are increasingly transitioning towards a customer-centric model with increasingly frequent, two-way communication.

With the implementation of a CRM for the energy and utilities industry, a road map can be made clear, where employees easily collect and use data after every customer interaction. An integrated CRM solution allows all employees and technicians to address incidents real-time to offer an exceptional service.


Deployment of a suitable platform

Energy and utilities companies are implementing Salesforce to re-imagine their customer service, manage the registration of services and programs, to attract new customers, and improve engagement with more personalized digital experiences, safeguarding genuine customer relationships.

To make this happen, Salesforce developed a transformational platform with a family of solutions based on Energy & Utilities Cloud, with a specific application architecture for transforming the energy and utilities customer experience. It offers a personalized service to the customer, optimizing field force operations, facilitating the management of sales to the private and residential market, and automating the life cycle of the service. In addition, it allows improved efficiency, productivity and contract management, automating order capture and eliminating manual steps.

At S4G we provide business and technological consultancy to deploy this family of solutions, making it easier for you to establish and build customer loyalty. Our extensive experience in Salesforce consulting with major clients in the industry such as Estabanell Energy, allows us to help you stay ahead of your customers’ needs and to help you gain effectiveness and productivity.


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