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Conoce a tu cliente

Know thy customer! Value Added through customer insights

At S4G we have a motto that sets the tone for each of our collaboration proposals; “… In-depth knowledge of the client is the way to generate value that leads to differentiation, and ultimately, to loyalty…”.

If there is one thing I have learned in my year here, it is that no product course, no theory class, no shiny new technology is a substitute for detailed knowledge of the customer and their needs.

Knowing Salesforce as well allows us to design creative solutions on a flexible platform, but the key to a successful project is to align ourselves with the customer and their expectations.

“Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly”

We always seek to propose valuable and tailor-made solutions, depending on the unique problems and objectives of each client, but also according to their capabilities. With this last point in mind, I wanted to share in this post my perspective on the importance of customized solutions, and the ‘Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly’ concept.

Metodología crawl walk run fly

When we start a relationship with a new customer, we want it to be long-lasting and of high added value. However, we don’t always have to start with the latest technologies, with complicated integrations, or a thousand automations. In the end, we all learned to walk before we ran our first race.

S4G’s value added

Overcomplicated solutions can lead to problems of adoption, agility, and overall CRM strategy. The added value that S4G offers is to understand where our clients are in their evolution from manual and decentralized processes to an optimized, automated, and 100% personalized work environment.

Whether it is the first CRM implementation in a company, or a group of users with a lot of experience and a very high technical demand, it is necessary to recommend and match the client’s pace to ensure the success of the project. That is why we have a wide range of collaboration models to be always there as a trusted advisor and trusted partner during any stage of our customers’ transformation projects.


In S4G projects we look for that MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which allows us to deliver valuable functionality in a reasonable time, laying the foundations for future growth.

This first phase should focus on the ‘Must Haves’ – the essential functionalities – leaving the ‘Nice to Haves’ – the desirable aspects – for the next phases when the use of the platform has stabilized. Any project is a process and a change, so there is no better strategy than being accompanied by an experienced partner who can guide you through the phase your organization is in.

With over 900 projects completed, we’ve participated in thousands and thousands of conversations about challenges and processes in dozens of industries. Whether you’re a Salesforce customer or not, we’d love to hear what makes your company special, what challenges define your day-to-day, and what goals we can help you achieve with Salesforce solutions!

Derek Stieren Business Development Representative