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Salesforce Summer Release

Summer comes early this year. Salesforce Summer Release 2019 is here!

As is now usual, May has brought us a new release, in this case Salesforce Summer Release 2019. An update that is packed with interesting new features and functionalities. Today we will look in detail at the major new developments and those that have most caught our attention.


On 14 and 15 June we did the go live of the new functionalities in the Production organisations.

Summer came early for S4G, and we are already incorporating all these developments into our projects. Let’s start!

Connect and share with your users from anywhere

Personally, this is one of the functionalities that excited me the most in this new release. The “Requests” are notifications in the form of “Pop-ups” that appear on the users’ screens with any desired content: company news, changes in the system, links to interesting material… whatever you want!

You can configure the notification content, the frequency with which they appear, the start and end date, to which set of users it should be displayed… And the best thing is that we can know the number of viewings for this component and the impact it has had on users.

Personalized notifications on your mobile

Salesforce gives us the possibility of managing the notifications sent to the mobile app or web browser, customising the content to be displayed and defining when it should be sent.

Sends notifications to users’ mobiles when an event occurs. For example, you can notify the user that a sales opportunity has been successfully closed or that there are 10 days to go until the closing of the financial year.

More information on screen

Salesforce knows that switching from the Classic interface to Lightning Experience was and remains complicated in many cases. Thousands of users accustomed to seeing all the information for a record within a single view went on to a much more colourful and modern view, but one in which the information is divided into multiple tabs, which does not provide such a direct view of all the content.

Now a new Summer ‘19 configuration allows us to choose between the standard grouped view or full view with more information on screen. This will allow users to quickly see all related records they need.

In addition, besides being able to change the view format for records, we also have the possibility to configure the display of activities, allowing you to choose between a chronological view or maintaining the related list format.

Visualización de actividades Salesforce 2019

More powerful related list than ever

From now on we can display more records in related lists, with up to 10 columns, sort them, adjust their size and even perform mass actions from the list itself. If we add to this the new apply filters option within a related list, we will see a major improvement in the way related records are managed.

Combining cases

Finally! Something we had been requesting for years arrives with Salesforce Summer Release 2019: The possibility of combining up to 3 cases in 1. By simply clicking on the “Combine cases” button we can unify all the information in a single record to resolve incidents easily and much more quickly.


I finish with one of the functionalities, which despite being purely visual, for me adds a rather nice touch. This is the burst of confetti when we reach a final status. In other words, every time an opportunity, a case or any object with statuses is closed, confetti will fill the screen.

Furthermore, it is possible to indicate frequency with which we want this to happen, because if it always did it would cease to surprise us, but if it only happens occasionally, we will be striving to close opportunities to enjoy the show.


These are some of the new features of Salesforce Summer Release 2019, but there are many more. If you want to discover them all or have any queries about everything this new release can offer you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Juan Carlos Pascual. Salesforce