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Heading for Salesforce Summer '22 release notes blog

Salesforce Summer ’22 Release notes

Summer is here and with it comes a new Salesforce release (Salesforce Summer ’22).

In this blog you’ll find the roadmap with key dates for this release.

Fechas Salesforce Summer '22 Release

The first organizations to have access to the new updates began on May 20th, but they will not be available in production environments until June 11th.

Salesforce Summer ’22 Release notes

If you have not yet had time to take a look at the new features of this new release… Don’t worry! Because in this article we will summarize the most important Salesforce Summer ’22 release notes.


Use formulas as flow input conditions

Continuing the trend we’ve seen over the last couple years, Salesforce is putting a lot of focus on improving Flows. One of the important changes is that formulas can now be used as input conditions in “record-triggered flows”. In addition you will be able to detect errors in real time without having to wait to save the flow.

New fomulas with new flow's input conditions in Salesforce sin Salesforce Summer '22 release

Adding section headers to flow screens

You can now add a header to sections in order to create a visual hierarchy.

New header sections on Salesforce

Manage the execution order of “record-triggered flows” from “Flow Trigger Explorer”

From Flow Trigger Explorer it is now possible to edit the execution order of flows by object and type, which allows greater control over what is executed and will be an important point to take into account when designing a new flow.

Changes aplied in Flow trigger explorer since Salesforce Summer '22 Release

Test One, Two, Three, Flow (Beta)

In this new release, a new feature (Beta) will be implemented that will allow us to test our “record-triggered flows”. You can define the details of the test, the name, when it is executed, etc. A record will be used to run the test and the assertions to verify that the results are as expected.

New test beta Salesforce

Vista Salesforce Trigger-record test


Limiting the results in tabular reports

There will also be a possibility to limit the number of rows displayed in a tabular report in the report generator. To do this you’ll have to sort by column first.

View of tabular reports on Salesforce

Enabling “Person Accounts” without contacting Salesforce

Until now, if we wanted to activate the “Person Accounts” we had to contact Salesforce to enable them. Now it will only be necessary to meet the following requirements to enable them:

  1. The account object has at least one record type.
  2. User profiles that have read permission on accounts also have it on contacts.
  3. The default organization-wide sharing is set so that the contact is controlled by the parent, or both the account and the contact are private.

View of Person Accounts - Important change in Salesforce Summer '22 Release notes


To finish with the Salesforce Summer ’22 notes related to the platform, in this section we outline some of the changes that each cloud brings.

Sales Cloud

Manage associations between automatically captured e-mails and related records:

  • More flexibility to connect information with more relevant records.

Service Cloud

Adding flexibility and power with Messaging for In-App and Web:

  • Enables Enterprise Service Cloud users to initiate conversations with customers in their application or website.
  • Improves pre-chat support by collecting customer needs and accessing records before the agent logs into the Service Console.
  • Provides a more modern experience by using mobile push notifications and custom branding.

Experience Cloud

Create records more efficiently for high-volume sites:

  • Allow your site to generate five times more registrations simultaneously without slowing down.
  • Keep your site moving during heavy traffic peaks.

Commerce Cloud

Sell globally in B2C stores:

  • You can choose a specific currency and language for a B2C store.
  • Select the country from which you want to allow purchases and choose whether or not taxes are included in the store prices (for worldwide sales).
  • There are new configurable properties to translate labels and inform users whether the displayed prices include taxes or not.

Field Service

Easily change the appointment status:

  • Configure the Field Service mobile app to update appointment statuses.
  • Includes manual mode, timed or automatic mode for automatic status change and allows your mobile workers to stay focused on their work, while automatically providing your administrators with the activity report they need.


Mejoras en las automatizaciones:

  • Apply completion actions to leads that meet certain conditions that you define.
  • These conditional completion actions are grouped based on the lead’s conditions. You can also combine standard and conditional completion actions in a single asset.


Invoke decision matrices from flows:

  • Flows created with Salesforce Flow can now invoke a decision matrix action item.
  • A decision matrix is a lookup table based on exact matches, meaning it will match your input to a row in the table and return the row’s output. In this case, it returns the output to the stream.
  • To use this in a flow, you would add an Action element to the Canvas, select the decision matrix category, search for the desired matrix, and then enter the values in the parameters that are defined in the matrix.

We hope you have found this information useful, and if you have any questions regarding the new release, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Marta Huertas. Salesforce Developer