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Salesforce news

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release

The start of 2021 brings along with it the Salesforce Spring ‘21 Release, loaded with exciting new features and functionality.
Starting January 15, the first organizations will begin to receive this release, but from the week of February 12 we will all have access to this update.

Fechas clave para el Salesforce Spring Release `21

Here is a summary of the most interesting new features of the new Salesforce Spring ’21 Release.

“Share” button in Lightning Experience.

Finally!!! After many years without a standard feature in LEX that would allow you to manually share records with other users (remember that Classic had this feature), Salesforce brings the “Collaboration” button to Lightning Experience.

Botón “Compartir” en Lightning Experience

No more custom development or Appexchange packages needed to cover this gap. Now you just need to add the button to the page format you want and start sharing!

Guidance Center: Connect directly to Trailhead.

With this new release we will be able to activate the Guidance Center or Learning Center. This is a new button that appears on the top bar and that will recommend a series of Trailheads depending on our user level and learning objectives.
These Trailheads can be standard Trailhead content or customized modules if we have a myTrailhead subscription, where we can create specific resources for our users.

Guidance Center: Recomendador para Trailheads

Guidance Center: Recomendador para Trailheads Guidance Center: Recomendador para Trailheads

Salesforce Flows

New improvements and a new name!

The previously so-called Lightning Flows are renamed to Salesforce Flows. In addition to the name change, multiple enhancements to the core Salesforce automation core are introduced. The main new features include:

  • Screen Flows with multiple columns
  • Ability to make use of the previous values of the record that triggered the Flow
  • Add scheduled paths in time to be executed in the future
  • Send Emails with rich text formatting

Novedades en los nuevos Salesforce Flows

Use Lightning Email Templates in automatic mailings

Email automations have always required the configuration of a Classic Email Template. From now on we will also be able to use Lightning email templates. With this, we will have greater flexibility and will be able to use the new Email Template Builder (which we already saw in the blog with the last Winter ’21 release) for the construction of templates with a more professional feel, without resorting to HTML code.

plantillas de correo Lightning

Configure an Email Address for automatic No-Reply emails

A common problem when receiving emails from our organization is the categorization of some of them as spam or getting rejected by our Email Management platform (Gmail, Outlook…). This was due to the default use of for sending generic notifications such as password resets.

To avoid this behavior without having to modify the security rules of our mail service, we will be able to indicate from which address these system emails should be sent.

Contact and Event Field Mapping in Einstein Activity Capture

One of the major changes in the previous release was the removal of Lightning Sync and the addition of Einstein Activity Capture as the primary method of synchronizing Contacts and Events between Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange.
This functionality gave us a number of advantages but also brought limitations such as not being able to configure the mapping between Salesforce Contacts and Events from their respective Exchange.

In this new Release field mapping has been added and we will be able to configure it for our integration between both platforms.

Mapeo de campos de contactos

Selection multiple fields in Reports

Salesforce enables multiple field selection when modifying reports. We will be able to drag fields in bulk without the need to include them one by one as columns.

A very simple change, very elegant and useful as well.

Nueva funcionalidad Salesforce selección múltiple de campos

Home Page in mobile app

With constant updates to the app, Salesforce is increasingly committed to mobility and offering all the information you need anywhere and at any time thanks to your mobile device.

To help us get even more out of it, the Home Page is now also on the app. Here we will be able to display useful components such as my next tasks or events, recent items or reports and graphs. A real step forward so that every day we use Salesforce more and more from our mobile devices.

Página Home en app móvil. Salesforce Spring '21 Release

Analyze the performance of your Lightning Pages on Mobile

We will now be able to measure the performance of registration pages for the cell phone and desktop form factor. This way we will be able to design a page with optimal performance and load it quickly so as not to keep our users waiting.

Novedades Salesforce Spring '21 Release. Medir el rendimiento de las páginas de registros

These are some of the new features included in Salesforce Spring ’21 Release, but there are many more. If you want to know about all of them or if you have any questions about what this new release can offer you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Juan Carlos Pascual. Salesforce