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S4G estuvo presente en todos los Innovation Day de Salesforce

Salesforce Innovation Day: The number one CRM giving you The ‘WOW’

Attending a Salesforce event like Innovation Day is always exciting; we have high expectations, are surprised, and enjoy a great ‘WOW’ effect. On this occasion it was located in Madrid, and its impact certainly did not disappoint. Iit all kicked off with a lyrical group performing a beatbox show and really interesting vocals, making the audience reflect on sustainability and the future of our planet. Capturing the attention of all the attendees, it was the best way to break the ice and a conversation starter so we could all start talking in a more relaxed way.

Many attendees were from existing clients, some recognized names and others lesser known. But all of them had something in common: a high level of interest in the discussed topics and, above all, in meeting people to share experiences and partners who could potentially contribute with their expertise.

Salesforce innovation day openning presentation

Salesforce Innovation Day: Customer success stories and a brilliant demo

Salesforce Innovation Day started with the “welcome coffee” and afterwards, it was time for the presentation. Pablo Rodriguez and Francisco Gil from Salesforce spoke about the transformative power of CRM solutions and the impact they have on their customers, allowing them to move forward and providing added value.

Moments later, came what for me was the big moment: customers giving their testimony in a very interesting interview format. One of the speakers, a client of ours in the construction materials industry, in the company of our CRO Jorge Negrete, told how S4G Consulting had been able to make a successful implementation. In this way they had begun to use Salesforce as a mechanism to achieve their goals in order to add value and become a technological reference worldwide, with a presence in over 50 countries.

After the interviews, we saw a demonstration of how the different Salesforce clouds complement each other to offer a true digital transformation, completely changing the way of doing things. If I had to define this ‘demo’ in one word it would surely be Spectacular!

Salesforce Innovation day S4G performance

An opportunity to show our way of understanding and working with companies.

Walking around the stands, meeting people, listening to stories, and telling them how S4G can help them from S4G (since our experience allows us to understand the different challenges in a variety of company profiles) was something wonderful. Knowing that you have the ability to deliver real digital change and with the backing of a major platform like Salesforce is synonymous with guaranteed success.

Many partners attended Innovation Day in Madrid, but S4G, as a Platinum Partner, made its presence known, as usual. Also having the support and being part of McKinsey & Company increased our confidence in our experience and work processes allowing us to more easily meet new customers and make ourselves known.

S4G team at Salesforce Innovation Day

Farewell to a different event

To end a day like this, there is nothing better than topic specific talks. I had the privilege of attending the one about Manufacturing Cloud, where we were able to hear first-hand accounts from clients who have implemented this solution and who have understood that “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. As Warren Buffett has once mentioned: companies who have optimized their processes and have generated new expectations, continue to grow with Salesforce.

And the missing icing on the cake. A new musical show, in which the music band that opened the session, closed the event and put the finishing touch to an incredibly enriching day. An event that allowed us to learn more about Salesforce, new technologies offered and, above all, how to generate a friendly space in which both customers and partners could exchange opinions, experiences and expectations.

If you did not have the opportunity to attend Salesforce’s Innovation Day and want to know more about the leading CRM solutions and how S4G can help you in its implementation, do not hesitate to contact us.


Jhon Arias. Presales Consultant