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Salesforce cambia los nombres de sus nubes

What’s in a name?: Here’s the latest Salesforce Cloud changes

For some time now, there has been talk of Salesforce product name changes. The aim has been to make it easier for customers to understand each cloud’s purpose and impact. At this point some products have already been renamed, so let’s get up to date and better understand these changes!

Are you ready to enter the ‘jungle’ of the new Salesforce product names? By the end of this blog you will have a clearer picture.

Why have the Salesforce cloud names changed?

The Salesforce team has put a lot of thought into why these changes have been made and how to make them as simple as possible. So they have taken into account these 3 factors:

  1. Flexibility: allowing you to communicate effectively with customers through Marketing Cloud.
  2. Ease: they have created a very clear language map, so you can find everything more easily.
  3. Unification: these new names are aligned with the strategy of continuously integrating Marketing Cloud into a unified platform with a 100% customer-centric data strategy.

When will all these changes be reflected?

We are going to see these changes reflected on the Salesforce website and in marketing communications. It’s important to clarify that we won’t see immediate changes to login access, URLs or other infrastructure considerations.

Later this year, changes will be made to Dynamics 365, Finance and Operations (F&O), Customer Service, Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) and other products.

Which Salesforce solutions are changing names?

Drumroll please….. These are all the Salesforce products that have changed or will change their nomenclature over the course of this year. Let’s go through the list of names!

Name changes in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Previous NameNow Known As
Messaging/JourneysMarketing Cloud Engagement (2022)
Interaction StudioMarketing Cloud Personalization (2022)
DatoramaMarketing Cloud Intelligence (2022)
Salesforce CDPMarketing Cloud Customer Data Platform (2022)
Advertising StudioMarketing Cloud Advertising (2022)
PardotMarketing Cloud Account Engagement (2022)


Name Changes in Salesforce Service Cloud
Previous NameNow Known As
Field Service LightningSalesforce Field Service
Live AgentChat


Name Changes in Salesforce Experience Cloud (previously Community Cloud)
Previous NameNow Known As
Lightning BuilderExperience Builder (2021)
Lightning Community TemplateExperience Builder Template (2021)
Lightning Community ThemeExperience Builder Theme (2021)
Lightning Community PageExperience Builder Page (2021)
Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce Community FormatSalesforce Tabs + Visualforce Site (2021)
Community WorkspacesWorkspaces (2021)
My CommunitiesMy Experiences (2021)
Build Your Own TemplateBuild your Own (Aura) (2021)
Salesforce CMS App toDigital Experiences App (2022)


Name Changes in Salesforce Sales Cloud
Nombre AntiguoNombre nuevo
High-Velocity SalesSales Engagement (2022)
Lightning DialerSales Dialer (2021)


Name Change in other products
Previous NameNow Known As
Identity for Customers & PartnersCustomer 360 Identity (2021)
Lightning FlowSalesforce Flow (2021)
Einstein Relationships Insights AppEinstein Relationship Insights Canvas App (2022)
Sustainability CloudNet Zero Cloud (2022)
Salesforce CheckoutYour Account App (2022)
Tableau CRMCRM Analytics (anteriormente llamado Wave o Einstein Analytics) (2022)

At this time, no one doubts that Salesforce is a technology built to improve our day-to-day business. We want to clarify that sometimes change management can be complicated for many people, but these changes are designed to make life easier for the user.
If you want to know more about these changes or have any questions about the new Salesforce cloud names, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ana Moreno. Business Development Representative