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Salesforce and Barcelona

Salesforce and Barcelona, ​​the key to business success

Barcelona is not just a flagship European capital due to the millions of tourists it receives each year, but also for being a benchmark in the technology sector within Southern Europe. 

Barcelona is an ecosystem where large multinationals (Naturgy, Grifols, Vueling, Seat) coexist with startups (Glovo, Corner Job, Cooltra) and family businesses that have become world famous brands (Tous, Pronovias o Desigual). 

These brands are familiar to us and are present in our day to day, whether we contract their services, drive their cars, plan our holidays with them, order our dinner on their platform, or rely on them for sustainable mobility in our city. 

So far so good, but what do they have in common besides being based in Barcelona?

Each one of these market references leverages the Salesforce platform to cover different business processes. As you may have read in other entries in this blog, Salesforce has evolved beyond a CRM solution into a cloud platform where you can build any kind of solution for your business needs. 

Barcelona and Salesforce business needs

Since 2016, S4G’s Barcelona office offers consulting services for companies in the region undergoing digital transformation via the Salesforce platform. Our passion is to find the best Salesforce based solution to address their needs.

Each sector has their own demands: the retail sector is very demanding in customer service and communication; manufacturing requires precise process control and product tracking; utilities providers focus heavily on the onboarding experience and customer service. Each of these key business processes are examined by our expert analysts to channel them through Salesforce and offer world class solutions to our Clients.

S4G Barcelona now boasts over 20 employees and counting. In one year, we tripled our operations team, bringing in new roles such as Managers, Project Managers, Business Consultants and Developers to satisfy our clients’ demand for great professionals capable of managing their unique digital transformation.

 S4G offices in Barcelona

This growth reflects and is reinforced by the trust placed in us by our clients and those referred to us, thanks to our track record and status as top EMEA partners. Important global brands like or Grifols, where we participated in very different projects, rely on us to leverage Salesforce for process improvement.

Salesforce and Barcelona, ​​a great duet

Global brands such as and Grifols have counted on S4G for projects in various verticals in order to improve their business processes with the Salesforce platform.

Clients such as Alifarma, Red Arbor, or ByDemes, in line with their sales growth goals for 2020, have chosen S4G as Salesforce Partner to execute their digital transformation project, eliminating inefficiencies in their processes thanks to the technology offered by Salesforce and the experience of S4G. 

However, we are not only taking on projects within Catalonia. We are actively supporting clients across all of Spain. The challenge posed by distance has been overcome by adapting our methods to the needs of our clients and developing effective remote working procedures, focused on highly impactful meetings which allow us to implement a Salesforce solution in record time with maximum quality and dedication.

This methodology guides our Barcelona-based collaboration with Cafés Candelas, Grupo ULMA, Greenpeace and Logitravel, among others, having made us their trusted ally in a process of change and adaptation to the challenges of industry 4.0.  

Pablo Elorga Salesforce Senior Consultant