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traducciones en Salesforce

Omnitranslate: Translate ALL your Salesforce fields

When it comes to translations in Salesforce your options are limited to metadata (labels, picklist values, …). In an organization with an international reach this can lead to a partial solution, if users need to act upon record information in their own native language.

Use cases are many, for example, a call centre implementation where agents supporting a new country roll out need to handle web cases not in their native language. Under a scenario like this, wouldn’t it be great if they had a tool that automatically translates the case subject and description fields for them?, even more, could their answer be translated back to the user’s language? With OmniTranslate the answer is yes!

Google Translator API

OmniTranslate is a new app developed by S4G’s Product team that combines a simple user interface with Google Translator API, the world’s best AI translation learning machine, to provide real time translation of text fields in your organization.

Once installed, OmniTranslate will allow users to create as many field translations as required just by creating simple translation rules on the OmniTranslate setup screen.

How does it work?

Translation rules allow users to translate text fields, called source fields, from any Object, standard or custom to a destination field using any language. OmniTranslate will detect the language in the source field leaving the user the selection of the destination language. Additionally, rules can be set up to fire on record creation, record update or both. Rule management in OmniTranslate is simple too, having no limits in the number of rules you can create. Users can remove or deactivate the rules that are no longer required.

Creating translation rules in Case Object with OmniTranslate

Omnitranslate example

Case rules created

Case subject and description fields translated on record creation with OmniTranslate.

case subjet Omnitranslate

If you want more information about this fantastic tool, visit our website or the Appexchange.

Juan Saddemi. Sales Cloud & HEDA Specialist