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el mejor partner de salesforce

Salesforce: When the best tool and the best partner make 1+1=3

If you have made the wise decision to “go further” in the process of digital transformation of your organization in order to be more competitive and focus on your customers, and on top of that, you have chosen Salesforce, congratulations! You have made the right choice!

But you should keep in mind that Salesforce is not the digital transformation strategy per se, but a tool that allows you to use technology to achieve the goals you set, the way you want. And while this freedom and flexibility is incredibly powerful, it can also be a daunting and frustrating experience.

So the big question is… “How can we be sure that our organization will leverage the full potential of Salesforce?”

Having the right Salesforce implementation partner by your side does wonders for your digital transformation process. There are more than 600 official Salesforce partners worldwide and approximately the same number (or even more) of IT companies offering Salesforce implementation and consulting services.
In today’s post we’ll talk about one of the biggest predictors of Salesforce success: Choosing an experienced and effective Salesforce implementation partner.

Experience is the key to choosing your Salesforce partner.

The scope, potential and versatility of Salesforce is enormous, and while there are tools available to familiarize yourself with the platform, such as Trailhead, nothing compares to the knowledge gained from doing actual configuration and administration.

It is important to understand that an implementation process involves a long list of important aspects to take into consideration.

New system implementation projects start with identifying the core business processes, then determining what needs to be built, who will need access to what data, and their corresponding permissions. Keep a keen eye out at this stage to identify opportunities for automation and add value to a process that may be inefficient.

identificación de oportunidades Salesforce

Understanding the underlying Salesforce data model and industry best practices greatly facilitates this work, even helping to know what to ask in initial meetings with your organization’s stakeholders.

Think about building a house: you have to consider more than just the placement of the walls, as the design is based on the integrity of the structure, having a plan for where the electricity and plumbing will go, how this will connect to the electrical grid, and the city sewer system….

All these factors and more are the ones that a partner takes into account throughout an implementation project. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to have a well-built house that withstands the storms, the passage of time, and is always in perfect working order?

In this analogy, implementation partners are like architects and contractors. We have already built houses, buildings and palaces. At S4G we have been building for +12 years on all types of soils, slopes and with thousands of different specifications.

We know the questions to ask to identify your core problems. We know Salesforce best practices for scalable and effective design. We know how your industry competitors have approached the same goals. We are certified, knowledgeable, and up to date on the latest features, and most importantly, this is our full-time job and we are fanatical about bringing value in our solutions. It’s no coincidence that we are the highest rated Salesforce Partner according to customer reviews on the AppExchange.

After all, adoption and effective usage are two of the main drivers of ROI in a CRM implementation, so you don’t want your staff to get bogged down trying to figure out what they need to learn before they get started.

Return on Investment

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of using a Salesforce Implementation Partner, the ROI picture becomes much clearer.

Our knowledge and experience will help get your system up and running quickly and efficiently. Familiarity with similar businesses and best practices ensures an efficient implementation, and a thorough understanding of Salesforce’s capabilities and potential ensures that your system will be configured to meet your identified requirements and even some you didn’t know you needed!

We focus on getting users to adopt the tool and leverage it effectively, as well as obtaining a scalable solution where your business process yields better results with the same resources. These are really the same benefits which led you to Salesforce in the first place.!

In short, hiring a very experienced Salesforce Partner for your implementation gives you the best chance of producing a Salesforce organization that works, now and after each new release.

Reach out! We’re here to help.