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Salesforce professional safe bet

10 reasons why Salesforce has been a safe bet in my career

10 reasons why Salesforce has been a safe bet in my career


When I was asked to write this blog post, the first thing I thought was, “Do I have 10 big reasons for committing to Salesforce?” Obviously, some came to mind immediately, while others took a little longer but were there, lurking beneath the surface. Having written this entry, I could easily come up with more reasons why I know Salesforce has been and will continue to be key to my career success.

1. Salesforce is taking the world by storm.

I think that’s the most obvious reason anyone would give if asked for just one. Everybody with skin in the game is aware of its standout leadership as a business solutions platform. But never one to rest on its laurels, the Salesforce juggernaut continues to expand and evolve.
Maybe some other technology will replace it in a few dozen years from now because nothing lasts forever. Who knows? But today, working with Salesforce is definitely like surfing the peak of a wave.

Salesforce a safe bet by Forbes

2. It’s a tool you can play with without getting bored.

As a kid, I loved Lego. Every now and then I would buy a new box and assemble it in line with the instructions, but then I would think, “What would happen if I got the pieces from another box and built something cooler?”
And in the end, I would leave all the pieces in “the Lego drawer” for the next day to make something even bigger. Salesforce is like a massive box of Lego. You have endless options to work with to create just about anything and getting bored or stalling and doing the same thing over and over is simply impossible.


Imposible aburrirte con Salesforce

3. If you work with Salesforce, you don’t just learn about Salesforce.

Obviously if you work in CRM you need to learn about your customer and their business if you really want to be more than just a tool and add value to what you do. It might not be something you need directly as a Salesforce professional; you can be working in the retail industry one day and the services sector the next, but the knowledge you take away from each enriches you as a professional.

Trabajas con Salesforce aprendes con Salesforce

4. There are not just requirements – there are challenges.

While this point could be applied to many parts of the software industry, Salesforce offers an extensive set of incredibly powerful native tools.
Knowing what to apply when, based on the needs of each project, is a great puzzle that can get your project moving in one direction or another. If you like challenges and puzzles -or as we say in the biz, “designing quality solutions”- Salesforce is a great place to be.

5. If you want to learn from Salesforce, you can start today.

Anyone who works with Salesforce knows Trailhead, but when you are outside of it, with other types of technologies or environments, no one has a learning platform as stunning as this.
Heavy manuals, outdated information, endless Google searches to get a basic idea of something you need to study… no, sir. Anyone, even people not trained in a tech environment, can take their first steps in the world of CRM thanks to
Personally, when I first came across the platform, I dove right in because I wanted to get behind this technology and not another one. Today the road would have been a lot tougher without Trailhead to help.


Salesforce and trailhead

6. Its simplicity of use.

If there’s one thing no one likes to do, it’s a repetitive, tedious task of no importance. If you’re working with a legacy CRM tool, something as trivial as creating a new field for an entity and being able to view it on-screen could easily take up to an hour.
So, imagine having to create a whole new entity… I get chills just recalling those days. With Salesforce, small daily tasks are designed to be done simply and pleasantly, and everything complex works with it automatically. As soon as I discovered these things the first days I worked with the tool, I knew I this was where I wanted to be.

7. The demand for Salesforce professionals is huge and growing.

I definitely found that out after choosing it and getting more heavily involved in the industry. The fact is, being a technology with such aggressive growth and expansion, the need for people who know the tool in detail is huge.
A lot more positions are needed than can currently be filled, at least in Spain. Is that an industry-level advantage? Of course not. But on a personal level, you know that companies will do their best to retain you and make you comfortable in your position, not to mention that offers of similar positions are the order of the day in your LinkedIn account.


8. Complicity with the customer.

I’m going to let you in on a secret and say that I bet on Salesforce and S4G because something that I personally feel is imperative if you work in the industry is to want to get along with your customers. Of course, it’s not always going to be easy and getting along doesn’t have to mean going out on the town with the customer PM, but it does mean establishing a certain complicity between the two teams and singing from the same hymn sheet to secure a good outcome.
S4G not only values and encourages you to do quality work, it helps you strengthen customer relations in a gesture of mutual trust, something very important for me to be able to work at ease.


9. Certification plans.

One of the things that surprised me was how popular and well-recognised getting certifications is within the Salesforce ecosystem. I later discovered that for some people it is mandatory to complete certain requirements within the Trailhead platform, and for others a whole series of certifications is needed to qualify for the most prestigious work.

Having these types of certifications available is impressive when it comes to demonstrating certain skills publicly, but what matters even more is that it is not the company you work at but Salesforce which sets the next challenges in its architecture that you have to deliver on if you want to keep growing as a professional.

Salesforce a safe bet: Certified professional

10. Branding and outreach community.

Salesforce is very good at marketing and being attractive. Everyone remembers it. But keeping up to date with all its new developments is another matter. That might be because of the constant new features they bring out in their releases or the stunning events like Basecamp, DreamOlé or the star turn, Dreamforce, which I have yet to cross off my bucket list (and get to know San Francisco while I’m at it, I have to be honest).



dreamforce apuesta segura de salesforce

In the end, there can be many reasons, and everyone will have their own, but what is clear is that Salesforce is a safe bet whether you want to work with it or use it to power your business.

Thank you for your time.

Have a great day!

Jesús . Desarrollador Salesforce