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Cabecera blog Salesforce Genie

Salesforce Genie, real-time magic

At the 20th Dreamforce event in San Francisco, Salesforce Genie was declared Salesforce’s biggest innovation in the last two decades. It is therefore considered the future of hyper-personalized experiences with real-time connected data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Salesforce stated that companies like Ford, L’Oreal, Formula 1 or PGA Tour will use Genie to reinvent the way they connect with their customers.

Salesforce presents Genie at Dreamforce 2022 Main Keynote

What is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce defines Genie as the first real-time platform that allows us to deliver magical experiences to our customers.

Salesforce Genie goes a step further than any customer data platform by channeling an almost infinite amount of dynamic data to Customer 360 in real time. In addition, it unifies and harmonizes data from Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, and many other sources. updating it in milliseconds and generating a single view of the customer in real time. This unified customer profile record is visible and actionable across all Salesforce platforms, including industry-based solutions.

In addition to having the data constantly updated on a massive scale and obtaining the unified customer profile, Genie offers:

  • Artificial intelligence to update outputs in milliseconds.
  • Automated workflows that can be adapted instantly based on new data.
  • High level of accuracy in data analysis.

Salesforce Genie, la solución CRM en tiempo real

How is Salesforce Genie built?

Salesforce Genie ingests and stores large-scale real-time data flows and combines them with Salesforce data through integrated connectors that can extract data from all channels (mobile, web, through APIs), legacy data through Mulesoft, and historical data lakes within the Salesforce trusted partner ecosystem.

Salesforce Genie is an organically built platform rather than the result of any acquisition. It is built on the following pillars:

  • Flows: Salesforce Genie is built using the Salesforce metadata model which makes everything actionable. It gets real-time data input so that flows can be activated faster.
  • Einstein: because Genie uses the Salesforce metadata model, it can access Einstein for real-time predictions.
  • Genie: as a hyperscale data platform, engineer and store data flows in real time at a massive scale.
  • Hyperforce: Genie runs in Hyperforce, the public cloud infrastructure of Salesforce. Hyperforce provides data residency, scalability, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance controls, Its data ethics functions govern data and increase consumer confidence.

What differentiates Salesforce Genie?

There are two things that differentiate Salesforce Genie: real-time capability and focus on all teams which allows driving any action or interaction with customers throughout their lifecycle.

  1. Salesforce Genie acts in real time, collects and unifies data in milliseconds allowing brands to act instantly satisfying the need even before the customer realizes it.
  2. On the other hand, it allows all teams – sales, services, marketing, trade, and more – to adapt the experiences they bring to customers in real time aligned with what is happening in their customers’ world at that moment. The connection between all teams will avoid interaction information silosand enable the creation of the true 360 customer view..

Así se ve Salesforce Genie

What problems does Genie solve?

According to Gartner, “By 2022, 50% of large companies will have failed to unify their interaction channels, resulting in an isolated, contextless customer experience.”

Have you ever called your phone company and had to repeat your problem when passing with a new agent because the information was not transferred correctly? Or maybe you didn’t get a real-time response to an urgent problem from a brand?

This problem is mainly due to: lack of automation and support of agents in real time; the absence of data that remains duplicated in silos, fragmenting customer information and digital experiences. This prevents such companies from offering connected experiences.

Todas las funciones de Salesforce Genie

According to a recent McKinsey & Company study conducted in the US market, customers’ expectations regarding personalization are highly demanding:

  • 71% of customers expect personalized interactions.
  • 76% of consumers agree that having personalized communication has been a key factor while considering the brand.
  • 78% of consumers report that personalized treatment increases the likelihood of repeat purchase.
  • 78% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to their family and friends if it offers personalized communications.

What makes Genie easy for companies?

Genie makes it easy for companies to understand all their data from any system, channel or data stream by integrating each step of the customer experience into a single unified customer profile record. And it’s that unique profile that will allow us to personalize the experience in a magic way, knowing that in some experiences milliseconds make a difference.

What are the scenarios in which Genie improves customer experience?

According to a recent Salesforce publication, Genie is able to improve customer experience in the following four scenarios:

  1. A customer loses a credit card and reports it as stolen at 3 p.m. Someone tries to make a purchase with that card at 3:05 p.m., but the card is locked immediately because the sales person uses Commerce Cloud Genie and receives immediate alerts.
  2. A customer calls customer service for a product issue. Because the company uses Service Cloud Genie, an automatic function is activated that stops all Marketing and Sales interactions until the problem is solved.
  3. A customer is browsing a website and the personalized offer changes instantly due to a click in a marketing email. Thanks to Marketing Cloud Genie, the new offer will be more relevant to the customer and will be able to convince him to proceed with the purchase process.
  4. A customer has an urgent need for care in which milliseconds are important, so their healthcare provider can provide proactive guidance and care recommendations with access to patient’s data in real time.

What native connections does Salesforce Genie support?

Salesforce Genie supports native connections to Salesforce solutions, empowering every Customer 360 solution in the cloud and industry to be automated, intelligent and real-time. 

  • Sales Cloud: will allow sales managers to have real-time guidance during calls with their customers to adapt to the conversation and offer them a highly personalized treatment.
  • Service Cloud: will allow agents to provide proactive service by receiving real-time alerts to detect challenges that require intervention.
  • Marketing Cloud: marketers will be able to deliver personalized messages through various channels by adapting to customer activity in real time.
  • Commerce Cloud: will allow to create personalized shopping experiences that adapt to customer actions in real time on the web or mobile app including abandoned cart and web personalization scenarios.
  • Platform: will enable IT teams to use application-building tools that leverage data in real time.
  • Mulesoft: will unlock real-time data from any modern or legacy system.
  • Tableau: will allow monitoring KPIs in real time to inform of the next best actions throughout the business, including real-time purchase data, case peaks, web traffic.
  • Slack: will allow to increase efficiency by allowing teams to automatically view data in real time.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences: organizations will be able to connect clinical and non-clinical data from a variety of sources by providing intelligent, real-time information that will be used to create automated journeys.
  • Financial services: financial advisers and bankers will be able to help their clients reach their financial objectives faster by providing them with appropriate advice at the right time.
  • App Exchange: will extend the power of Salesforce Genie with the AppExchange Genie Collection, which will include 18 experts and applications from Genie partners that will help companies automate relevant advertising and enrich customer profiles.

Genie is an open and extensible

Salesforce Genie’s strategic partnerships will expand its power and also enable:

  • Secure, real-time data exchange between Snowflake and Salesforce, allowing 360 customer view across both without moving or duplicating data.
  • “Bring your own AI” with Amazon SageMaker, which will allow you to use the machine learning platform directly with Einstein to create new AI models tailored to the unique needs of each business.
  • Secure new integrations for advertising and data activation with Genie’s unified source data, triggering more personalized, large-scale marketing.

Salesforce Genie partners compatibles

How does Salesforce Genie work?

Salesforce Genie, being part of the Salesforce platform, is the engine that drives Customer 360 by connecting, harmonizing, and unifying data to deliver magical customer experiences.

Así funciona Salesforce Genie

Connect all data

The first step is to connect all data sources. Salesforce Genie has the ability to receive massive amounts of data in real time through out-of-the-box integrations.

Así conecta Genie todos tus datos

Data harmonization

“Customer Graph” is a data model set that harmonizes all data flows in a single customer profile.

Vista de un cliente en Salesforce Genie

Data unification

A key aspect of Salesforce Genie’s way of working is how it solves identities by consolidating the customer’s entire history of interactions with its brand in a single profile.

Salesforce Genie stores all data using a “lake architecture”; This makes it easier to categorize and classify the variety of unstructured data on which companies are based by quickly accessing all data.

Ofrecer mejores experiencias

Salesforce Genie enables you to deliver magic experiences to customers at critical times when milliseconds matter.

From the very beginning, Genie was designed taking into consideration the best practices in data privacy and ethics

Salesforce wants Genie to lead the industry in data privacy and ethics through improved consent management, policy automation, and other undisclosed aspects. It’s important to note that the Salesforce platform adds a data policy management layer to Salesforce Genie so customers can keep their data secure and meet compliance requirements worldwide. They have made it possible working in collaboration with the Salesforce Ethical and Humanitarian Use Office.

In the next weeks we will continue discovering further about Genie. However, if you have any questions about the Salesforce solution that will revolutionize the market, contact us and we will tell you everything about Genie.

Raquel Tejero.
Senior Marketing Cloud Consultant