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Cabecera de blog sobre Salesforce Maps y sus funcionalidades

Salesforce Maps: A new perspective for your business

A CRM like Salesforce allows you to have valuable information within the reach of a few clicks, from the moment it is implemented and used in your organization. Tasks such as cross-referencing data in order to have a comprehensive view of processes, generating graphs as well as panels that allow you to quickly understand your business state.

Ever since Marc Benioff had his eye on MapAnything, back in 2019, and bought the tool to integrate it into his platform (giving rise to Salesforce Maps), Salesforce has allowed its users to go from merely analyzing information to extensive visualization.

With the implementation of Maps for Salesforce, data-driven decision making takes on a new perspective: geography.

What is Salesforce Maps?

Salesforce Maps is a Salesforce add-on, mainly compatible with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. This complementary tool allows you to display data in a map interface, thus being able to interact with records and generate visits or sales routes for sales representatives, or even plan business meeting agendas in an optimized way, based on geographic locations.

Salesforce Maps schedule view

Maps for Salesforce features

Benefits obtained by implementing the basic version, called Maps Core:

  • Salesforce data visualization in the map interface.
  • Route optimization and agenda planning.
  • Create records (e.g. Leads or Accounts) from the same map interface.
  • Find potential clients as well as businesses in areas near a location.

Afterwards, depending on the needs of each department, business or industry, it is possible to opt in for the following licenses with their respective functionalities:

Maps Advanced

  • Advanced route prioritization based on specific and customizable business processes.
  • Extended forecast planning for meetings agenda (three months ahead).
  • Data-driven trend visualization, including the ability to aggregate data from external databases.

 Salesforce Maps Route planner

Maps Territory Planning

  • Design, setup and optimized implementation of assigned territory (related to Territory Management 2.0).
  • Maximize the geographic coverage of your business without affecting current portfolio allocations.
  • Optimized trip planning using calculations based on travel time and available routes.

Maps Live Tracking

  • Visualize and create different maps that record moving assets, such as delivery trucks or service technicians.
  • Monitoring of assets and related events (stops performed, speeding, etc).
  • Detailed daily summaries of field assets.

Salesforce Maps live tracking view


Benefits of using Salesforce Maps for your business

It is easy enough to understand clients thanks to available information such as their annual revenue or their purchase history. What if we could geographically visualize a specific segment of those clients on the map of our operation area? All the while, using that information to improve the planning of visits, the distribution of sales agents or to find potential customers near existing ones. These are just small changes in the way we look at our data, but oriented towards increasing sales productivity.

It is important to emphasize that this benefit is evenly shared throughout the company, since it can be used by sales representatives, managers or directors of various areas; those who prefer to use a laptop or those who must go out and do their work with a cell phone. By extending this type of functionality and its benefits to the different layers of the business, it enables smarter decision making and gives Salesforce users independence, while remaining aligned as an organization.

Don’t hesitate to contact us[needs hyperlink] to learn more about the different possibilities Salesforce Maps can offer your business.

Yamil Assusa. Team Lead and Senior Salesforce Consultant