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logger pro auditoría a otro nivel

Logger Pro: Take your audit to another level

The most important aspect within a Salesforce organisation is without a doubt data handling and whether it’s preventively or for monitoring and control purposes you need to have the right tool. That’s why we’ve included S4G Logger Pro in our solutions portfolio in the Salesforce app market (AppExchange).

With this new version of S4G Logger you can log all operations (Insert, Update, Delete, Undelete) on any standard and custom object with no field tracking limit and for as long as you decide.

Now S4G Logger Pro is much easier to set up. Just select the tracking operations for selected records and the object they apply to.

Once the rules have been established, the logs of any changes made will be stored. You can view the object, record, user, date, operation and value of the previous and new field record in the log of each operation.

Configuring notifications

We think it’s important to control the number of records stored in the system. That’s why the app also provides you with certain tools to make this work easier. With S4G Logger Pro, you can set up notifications to know when the number of logs has reached a certain value that you set, export them to a local file and clean them to prevent an uncontrolled increase in the Salesforce file.



logger pro

Powerful panels and reports

We couldn’t leave out the powerful panels and reports, which you can use to view key metrics and trends by object, user and type of operation.

Paneles en LOGGER PRO



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Roberto Arconada. Product Lead


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