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Artículo Koala CRM

Koala, a CRM for my NGO?

S4G has recently launched Koala into the CRM market, but… what exactly is Koala?

Koala is the solution designed by S4G which addresses the need of organizations within the Third Sector to streamline fundraising activities and effectively manage their social base with a simple and effective CRM.

Koala CRM

Koala is built on Salesforce NPSP and incorporates useful additional functionalities developed by S4G, based on the experience accumulated during more than 10 years working with the Third Sector.

Koala is designed to adapt to all kinds of organizations, from the smallest ones with fewer team members and less complexity, to the biggest organizations where there may be more users and, therefore, much more complexity derived from specific needs and processes, or integrations with third party systems.

Why should my NGO use a solution like Koala?

Right, let’s answer this question taking a look at the typical life cycle of a member, donor, or supporter of an NGO.

En primer lugar, 

we find ourselves in the recruitment phase. This means the NGO has to succeed in capturing the attention of its potential members, normally by competing with other NGOs operating in the same sector. Its recruitment strategies must be very well worked out and oriented, and it must have technological tools to support them, all of which is necessary to reach a larger potential audience and differentiate itself.

This is where we see in the first instance the contribution of a good CRM that allows us to generate campaigns by adequately segmenting our database.

Koala segmenta base de datos


The connection with email marketing or marketing automation tools such as Pardot, which also allows us to create personalized journeys, will also be decisive, not to mention the connection with our website, both to collect information from the different forms and to receive donations through the different connected gateways.

Life with Koala is already looking good, but let’s see more….


our donors, members, and collaborators belong to the social base. In this phase the NGO has to implement initiatives that are aimed at encouraging the participation of the social base (turning sympathizers into donors, occasional donors into recurring donors, increasing the value of donations, etc.) as well as building loyalty and achieving the longest possible period of membership.

Koala CRM, pertenencia

Performing these tasks is really simple if we have a CRM that allows us to have a 360-degree view of our entire social base and draw up strategies and campaigns to increase each member’s engagement with our NGO. Koala facilitates all these tasks and turns the work of the NGO’s fundraising managers into a really exciting job.

In addition, with Koala you will be able to have real time reports and make forecasts of income at any time to inform decisions regarding the operation of your different programs or causes.

Surely you are already convinced of the important contributions that Koala can make to your organization, but, there is more! Keep reading!


Koala will support all the most important administrative processes of your NGO. Koala automatically generates the bank remittances according to the SEPA regulations so that you only have to upload the file to the bank’s website. Automatically upload the returns that your bank gives you, and start automatic processes or workflows to improve efficiency. Koala also generates model 182 automatically and, of course, allows you to make complementary or substitute declarations.

Soporte administrativo de Koala CRM

And finally, and very important for NGOs, Koala generates the donation certificates and allows each collaborator to download it in a completely autonomous and secure way. The administration team of your NGO will never be so efficient as they are with Koala!

Digital sing to ONG

To wrap things up, three final differentiators to put Koala over the top:

  • Koala allows for connections and integrations with many solutions or applications available in the market such as marketing automation, digital signature, contact center solutions, ERP’s and a long list of others.
  • Koala is a product created and maintained by S4G with a corresponding development roadmap which periodically incorporates new functionalities your NGO will benefit from.
  • Koala is available in three project typologies:
  • Quick Start Projects. These are quick implementation projects designed to be executed in approximately 4 weeks.
  • Medium Size Projects. These are projects for medium sized organizations that require some customization and/or integration with other systems and are designed to be executed in approximately 2 months.
  • Large projects. These are projects for large organizations with greater complexity derived from different specific processes and/or integration with third party systems. The implementation time is defined case by case.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably already clear on what Koala can do to transform your organization… Shall we talk?

For more information, visit our website or request an appointment and one of our advisors will attend you personally.


Jose María López. Senior Account Executive