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HEDA Salesforce para Universidades

HEDA: Salesforce for universities

At S4G Consulting I have the privilege of working with companies and organisations of all types, partnering with them and working jointly to make their digital transformation strategies a reality.

One sector that I am passionate about and where the most progress is being made in the transformation of its business model in Spain is university and post-graduate education. And to that end we propose the implementation of Salesforce with HEDA.

The HEDA, data model of Salesforce for Universities

Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) is a Salesforce architecture and data model designed by and for university campuses in all regards.

HEDA has been fully designed and defined with universities from across the world and university app businesses. It provides the basis for a connected campus and gives institutions of all sizes new ways to relate with their students, professors and personnel, sharing with them all and boosting these relations in a community.

Salesforce for Universities. As an open-data architecture built on the Salesforce platform, HEDA makes it possible to add personalised apps and functionalities. 

Salesforce with HEDA, the CRM for Universities

HEDA provides a 360-degree view of students across all university settings, showing their relationships with:

  • Other people at the university (other students, professors, thesis directors, teammates, etc.), with their parents and families.
  • University organisations and groups (colleges, academic departments, stakeholders, sportspeople, etc.).
  • Courses, programmes, degrees…

HEDA: Salesforce for Universities

HEDA uses the standard Salesforce objects Accounts, Contacts and Relations and Affiliation to track connections. Contacts are connected to other contacts through relations. Contacts are connected to other accounts through affiliations. These connections make it easy to find the information you need.

For example, imagine you want to hold an end of year closing event where awards will be given to students who have led volunteering programmes with NGOs.

HEDA makes it possible to get the list of students who engaged in the projects (via affiliations) through Salesforce reports, along with the managers or parties responsible for the NGOs involved and the students’ families.

Therefore, using the Salesforce Marketing automation tools of Pardot (Engagement Studio) and Marketing Cloud (Journey Builder), you can invite not just the graduating students but also the managers of the NGOs and the students’ families.

Implementing Salesforce and HEDA at universities

HEDA is basically the Salesforce for Universities and has no added purchase cost. However, to be able to have this true 360 student vision it has to be implemented and interconnected with the campus apps for admission and enrolment systems, academic managers and more.

For that reason it is essential to have the help and support of a consulting firm like S4G, with extensive experience in Salesforce implementations both in universities and centres of education across Madrid and Barcelona.

We partner with the following organisations in the education sector, among others: SEK schools, Camilo José Cela University, Pompeu Fabra University School of International Trade, Rovira i Virgili University and La Salle University.

Salesforce for Universities. Examples

For more information on HEDA, see Salesforce HEDA documentation.


Jorge Negrete. Sales Director