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S4G salesforce spring 2019

Salesforce Spring 19 Launch

It’s time to mark your calendars for the forthcoming Salesforce Spring 19 Release!

For 2019 we have the announcement of improvements and new functionalities for the different Salesforce clouds.


On 8 February the update to the new Salesforce functionalities was launched. You can view the calendar via this link.

uáles serán las mejoras y nuevas funcionalidades del salesforce spring 19

What will the improvements and new functionalities be?

This Salesforce release has some striking new functionalities, along with improvements connected with Lightning Experience, Lightning Flow, Lightning Web Component, Apex, Communities and APIs.

And the release notes are already available via this link, where you will find more detailed information about the improvements that are now available.

One of the key cornerstones at S4G is the ability to offer our clients solutions that can help improve their business by performing consultancy tasks. And an essential requirement for that is to understand in advance all the improvements that Salesforce will be releasing, so as to be in a position to offer our clients the most efficient advice, avoiding unnecessary bespoke developments and ensuring that every client can make the most of the functionality offered by the Salesforce platform.

Part of our work with our clients in Spain and abroad is the ability to review which improvements offer value and improve the productivity of the business processes supported within Salesforce.

Below we set out a summary of those which struck us as the most interesting and innovative.

Storage space

One of the major announcements is that from this release onwards we will have access to greater storage space. Salesforce is now more generous than ever!

The increase will go from 1 GB to an outstanding 10 GByes, you really did read that right!!!

When? All instances will see this increase at the end of March 2019!!!


It will now be possible to add hyperlinks to posts and comments in Chatter.

Which will serve to make our posts much more user-friendly, without those lengthy URLs.

Salesforce spring 19 chatter

Favourite list views

This improvement offers a considerable productivity increase, since prior to this release when we displayed an object it always showed us a default view with the recently displayed records. From now on it will be possible to establish any list view as a favourite.

This means that when navigating to the object, you will be shown the selected list by default.

Salesforce spring 19 vistas de listas favoritas

Print records

Salesforce Lightning Experience can now print the detail of a record with a straightforward click.

Salesforce spring 19 lightining experience
This functionality will be enabled for all users, for Accounts, Campaigns, Cases, Contacts, Contracts, Candidates, Opportunities, Orders, and customised objects.

It will be possible to expand or collapse the sections to choose the best printing view.

Public calendars

You will now be able to keep your teams organised with public calendars in Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Anyone sharing a public calendar will be able to view, record and update events without switching to Salesforce Classic.

calendarios publicos Salesforce spring 19

Transfer an account

When an account is transferred from one person to another there will now be more options available to transfer the historical information as well. This functionality is very useful in Sales Cloud projects where the commercial network may change, or in the service cloud where there is a high turnover of agents, making this means of transferring client information much more complete and efficient. The owners will be able to transfer their opportunities, open cases and closed cases. They will also be able to maintain the account teams and opportunity teams.

transferir una cuenta Salesforce spring 19


One new improvement for users is that they will be able to mark a task as completed with just one click, and will also be able to reopen them if they need modification.

Previously we had to search in the list of values to modify the status, but a new button now helps avoid wasted time.

And if you close it by accident, or want to reopen it for whatever reason, this button will likewise display this as a single click option.

Most of the new functionalities or improvements are the result of all the ideas that both partners and clients request from Salesforce. I invite you here to take part in our community, as all together we can get Salesforce to add the improvements and functionalities we uncover in our daily operations link.

In short, you will see that Salesforce continues to focus on offering us functionalities so as to increase our productivity and the opportunity to continue growing on the platform.
Over the coming weeks we will begin work with our clients. If you would like to explore any particular cloud in greater depth, or if you need any more details about this release, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Alberto G. Community Cloud & NPSP Specialist