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Basecamp-Madrid 2019

Salesforce Basecamp 2019


During May and June, Madrid and Barcelona played host to the latest edition of Salesforce Basecamp 2019.

Around 5,000 people attended the event where they had the chance to see more than 35 Keynotes, industry sessions and live demonstrations, bearing witness to the wave of innovation brought to the Spanish market by Salesforce on a yearly basis. They presented the latest news and practical examples of sales management, customer service, digital marketing and e-commerce.



Enrique Polo revealed at the latest edition of Salesforce Basecamp 2019, the figures around Salesforce clouds and the ecosystem’s continuous evolution:

  • A turnover of more than 13B dollars in 2019
  • According to IDC, more than3M jobs will be generated up to 2022, 13,000 of them just in Spain.


The “Trailblazers”, those who are innovating thanks to Salesforce technologies and solutions now have more than 12 million “Badges” on the Trailhead training platform. IDC again tells us that there will be over 200,000 people certified by 2022.


During the keynote speeches made at Salesforce Basecamp we came to understand how Spanish companies, such as Santander Consumer Finance, Repsol and Grupo Bergé, are continuously developing their processes thanks to Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Communities.


salesforce basecamp 2019

José Velasco, Chairman of the ‘Fundación Inocente Inocente’ also explained how, with the help of Salesforce, they are able to concentrate an entire year’s work into a few hours during their famous gala on the 28th of December, with all the technical and response factors that this requires.

And at the event’s various sessions, companies such as X by Orange, Bankia, Mapfre, Iberia, Meliá Hoteles, Redexis, Endesa, CashConverters, Suavinex, Acciona and Excom shared their experiences.


Some of S4G’s clients in Spain also told us about their experiences. For OHL Servicios, it was its Director of Technology and Systems, Ibai Garay, who shared the project he is undertaking with the S4G consultants to implement a solution based on Sales Cloud.

Thanks to this solution, OHL is able to automatically integrate public tender announcements in Spain as potential opportunities and manage bidding processes, including risk management, in a far more efficient manner.

In the case of ESIC, it was Alberto Gómez, Director of Digital Transformation, who presented his project. ESIC has been able to completely redefine its recruitment processes for new students thanks to EDA (Education Data Architecture), the Salesforce solution specific to Universities and Business Schools, and Marketing Cloud.


Redefinition of recruitment processes thanks to technology

Good implementation with the right technology can help improve an organization’s internal processes. In this session we will talk about how ESlC Business&Marketing School has been able to achieve this thanks to Salesforce and its HEDA module

Alberto Gómez – Director of Digital Transformation@ESIC



S4G was present at Salesforce Basecamp 2019 Madrid and Salesforce Basecamp Barcelona as a Platinum Sponsor, as has been the case every year since Salesforce decided to hold this kind of events, previously known as Salesforce Essentials.

The sales team and our consultants were visited by and chatted with many of our clients and other companies looking for an implementing partner for all the Salesforce clouds with proven experience. We also had the opportunity to announce our recent move to Salesforce Platinum Partner, rated in the worldwide Top Ten according to customer feedback.


Three main elements stood out among the numerous announcements and demonstrations of continuous Salesforce innovation:

  • MuleSoft

The first of these was MuleSoft, the most significant acquisition in Salesforce history. MuleSoft is a platform capable of integrating, synchronizing, and transforming data and applications from diverse sources. Businesses today receive data and transactions from multiple channels and a range of systems, either in-house or from third parties. It is this complexity that Mulesoft manages in order to provide a 360 degree view of the person.

Using the different services on its suite, Mulesoft is able to integrate data sources from back office systems, such as ERPs, from different web and e-commerce platforms, data collection systems (IoT), etc., arranging them and making them accessible to organisational processes.

  • myTrailhead

The second especially noteworthy development at Salesforce Basecamp 2019. was myTrailhead. Salesforce has long wished to make the training platform they have created and which they use to ensure their employees, customers and partners can learn about all the technologies and solutions developed by Salesforce available to their clients.

Using myTrailhead, an organization can create its own training content, with their brand image and adapted to their audience, customers or employees.

It uses gamification techniques such as earning “Badges” or medals which rate the experience and influence of the people being trained within the community. myTrailhead gives you a complete overview of the skills and experience of your employees and their profiles allow you to the see badges and points earned, the knowledge covered and their levels of expertise.


trailhead Salesforce basecamp 2019

Furthermore, you can create custom “learning pathways” known as Trailmixes, all based on Trailhead content.

myTrailhead allows us to design interactive challenges which evaluate skills, using questions and answers, exams and practical problems.

  • Datorama

The third major development on display was Datorama, an Israeli company with an intelligent marketing and analytics platform, naturally in the cloud.

Recently acquired by Salesforce, it has improved upon and expanded the capabilities of Marketing Cloud for the creation of Customer Journeys based on Artificial Intelligence.

Marketing professionals must be able to act on the right information at the correct time. Datorama possesses artificial intelligence-enhanced technology which facilitates the connection and unification of all the marketing data in one single place, regardless of where the data come from: External advertising or e-commerce platforms, Google Analytics, Marketing automation tools or from the CRM itself. KPIs can be easily defined and using the hugely powerful visual layer, it’s easy to create and share marketing monitoring dashboards.

Salesforce basecamp 2019


As we all know, Salesforce releases major developments three times a year. But the biggest wave of this year is yet to come.

S4G are already busy preparing for our next event with Salesforce. From the 19th to the 22nd of November, just like every year, San Francisco will play host to the world’s largest event run by a software manufacturer: Dreamforce 19

We’ll keep you up to date!

Here are some Salesforce Basecamp 2019 photos: Madrid & Barcelona

Jorge Negrete. Sales Director