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Dreamforce ‘22: Trailblazers’ dream that came true

A unique experience, long-awaited and far exceeding the expectations of our colleagues who attended Dreamforce ‘22. Without a doubt, a dream that finally came true. As our colleague Arianna mentioned in our campaign #DreamWithoutLimits that one of the reasons she joined S4G was to live unique moments like this. In this blog our dear Trailblazers share what was like to live the most important Salesforce event of the year for the first time.

Barbara’s experience in Dreamforce ‘22

The prelude to an unforgettable journey

How do you get to Dreamforce? My experience in these years at S4G proves TEAMWORK is the key. This year 11 people from Sales and Delivery teams had the opportunity to go to Dreamforce. It all begins when your colleagues vote and choose who goes to the London World Tour and who goes to Dreamforce. That’s the first evidence of teamwork.

This year it was not particularly easy to get tickets for the first in-person Dreamforce after the pandemic, due to the limited capacity. So I’m just thankful to those people in the company who managed to get them.

Equipo de S4G en San Francisco.

I’d also like to thank our BackOffice and Marketing teams! The first one to support all the tasks involved in organizing a trip for so many people, with the particularities and needs of each one. Not an easy task. Girls, thank you.

And thanks to the Marketing team, we started feeling “the magic of the day” even before going to Dreamforce, they made us feel special and communicated it to the world in the coolest way! Thank you for making us feel like Hollywood stars.

The day of departure we were just about to start our adventure in the Barajas airport. However, once we arrived at the airport at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, we realized that two people from our group might have to stay in Madrid. Nonetheless, the moment we realized the problem, teamwork got activated , to support each other, find a solution and, of course, to enjoy and make this magnificent journey possible. THANK YOU all, going to Dreamforce alone would have been fine but you made it an UNFORGETTABLE level!

Equipo comercial S4G en Dreamforce 22

Ismael’s experience in Dreamforce ‘22

A unique reward for the 5 years of work and effort

I still remember the first time I heard about Dreamforce. I had just finished the S4G Academy, more than 5 years ago. At a corporate event we were told that two of the Salesforce architects were chosen to go to Dreamforce. At that time I believed it would be great to go, but I thought only Senior Developers and Architects were eligible. What I didn’t know was that years later I’d be voted by my colleagues to go to Dreamforce ’22. I have no words to describe that moment.

Finally the moment came and there it was: The most important Salesforce event of the year! We made a road trip along the California coast from San Francisco to Monterey, passing through 17-Mile Drive. For me that day was like being in a movie where we were the main characters. We passed by a lot of places that looked like a filming set and they were actually real!

But that’s not all. The next day we went to Alcatraz, an unforgettable experience because it has an atmosphere that catches you. We ended the day crossing the Golden Gate to Sausalito. Here I want to emphasize how strange I felt: being a kid who grew up in the ‘90s watching American movies and series, that moment got me excited. I had seen that bridge many times and in different ways, but now it was me who was crossing it.

That was just the beginning of the journey, before Dreamforce ‘22 kicked off. I was lucky enough to attend multiple sessions and talk to many people about Salesforce and its ecosystem. There was a developer zone where I could share experiences, learn new things and exchange ideas. It’s amazing to see so many people with so many stories coming together at the same point thanks to their passion for Salesforce.

Equipo de S4G en el Golden Gate en Dreamforce 22

And of course the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert is worth mentioning! I’d always wanted to see them live, my teenage self couldn’t stop shouting. They played Dani California, one of my favorite songs. The night ended up in a very authentic venue with live music, a group of senior people gathered there playing jazz, blues and rock.

This end may sound like a cliché, but what I most appreciate from the trip is the time I’ve shared with my colleagues. I am very grateful for being able to share this dream with all of them. During the time we spent together, we discovered new sides of each other and became much closer.

If every good story starts with a journey, ours is yet to end.

So we live Dreamforce ‘22

These were some of Barbara’s and Ismael’s experiences. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ve also made a video showing what it was like to experience Dreamforce from within.

Impressive, right? You could also be Ari, Barbara, Iñigo, Isma, Jony, Jorge, Lucas, Rober, Sara or Xavi. Join the S4G team and dream without limits.


Bárbara García.
 Salesforce BA Architect
Ismael Ocana.
 Senior Salesforce Developer