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San Francisco, Dreamforce 2019

Dreamforce 2019: Battles and experiences in San Francisco

An all-expenses-paid week at Dreamforce 19 in San Francisco?

We couldn’t have been more stunned if we’d scooped the top prize on a game show!

As part of the S4G team we had the opportunity to attend the world’s largest tech innovation event: Dreamforce 19.

One of the pillars of S4G is the importance it places on the people who work there and, as part of that, once a year it rewards two people with a trip to this awesome event.
Best of all, this acknowledgement came about from our own colleagues, making it even more rewarding.


Inside Dreamforce 19

A few months ago, we were at one of the annual events (Anniversary) where S4G discusses the company and its future projects when the part dedicated to acknowledging employee work arrived.

These events are great fun for everyone who attends them and this particular one was zipping along nicely when – as the winners of the big prize were being announced – oh my gosh, our names appeared on-screen!

We were off to Dreamforce! The largest Salesforce event takes place in San Francisco.

Attending Dreamforce 19 is, as the name suggests, a dream.

When you arrive, you feel the atmosphere of expectation and excitement. It’s staggering to be there, at the heart of the event, with so many chances to meet, hear and chat to like-minded souls.

There are talks on all topics and for all tastes. As a Salesforce Platinum Partner and as consultants, we greatly appreciated being able to speak directly with the people who design and develop the solutions we offer our customers.

Having the chance to attend keynote speeches on each of the clouds and insight into where the technology is heading is a privilege and experience that opened our minds and motivated us to go back and apply new solutions in our own projects and in our lives.

The main themes featured at the event were:

● The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with its 17 goals and the way that Salesforce is contributing to them.
● The importance and evolution of Customer 360.
● Salesforce integration with BI (Tableau) and systems integration (Mulesoft) solutions.
● The evolution of AI and new related apps.

In addition to the talks, Salesforce makes this event exciting and interactive with the organisation of the entire atmosphere, games to win prizes and live music spaces to enjoy some downtime. We were like kids in a candy store!

Visiting San Francisco at Dreamforce 19

It was an incredible experience to be able to enjoy the most important Salesforce event in the world, share our experiences with Salesforce experts and enjoy the show the company put on.

Seeing Marc Benioff chat to Barack Obama, take in Alicia Keys live and enjoy Fleetwood Mac (Dreamfest) at the San Francisco Giants Stadium were just some of the things we were able to experience.

Besides the event itself, Dreamforce was an experience we were able to share with friends, a week of learning, laughing and understanding firsthand where the world is going. A week to get to know San Francisco and appreciate how lucky we are to be part of a company that invests in its employees and acknowledges our work, effort and dedication.

We would like to thank S4G for giving us the chance to enjoy this fabulous experience and for making us feel valued within the company.


Juana Valenzuela. Salesforce Sales Cloud Specialist Alberto Sánchez. Salesforce Architect