September 2018 marks S4G’s 10th anniversary, a significant milestone for our company! In this post I’d like to look back over this period, recalling some of the highlights along the way and reflecting on where we are as a company today. 2008 S4G was set up towards the end of 2008 by a team who […]

Dreamforce 2017 Dreamforce 2017 is the world’s largest tech event organised by a manufacturer, much bigger than the ones organised by Oracle with Open World (around 60,000 visitors) or Microsoft’s Ignite (approximately 25,000). And, like every year, S4G was there as a Platinum Partner. What can you say about an event which has drawn over […]

Selling my first CRM Project I started selling quite late in my career. Having worked as a CRM consultant for around 9 years, it wasn’t until I founded S4G Consulting with my partners that I took on my first sales role. And I love it. Actually the proper thing to say is that “I love […]