“The Always Underestimated Question of Change Management” Salesforce implementation and change management In our previous post we discussed a number of issues to consider for smooth Salesforce implementation. Now I want to emphasize and elaborate on one which I feel is often underestimated: Change management. This task is generally client-led because it is the client who has insight and […]

How to best approach a CRM project A few years ago I saw a statistic that might surprise many people in the IT sector: Over 65% of IT projects fail. A CRM project is no exception. Does that strike you as a high fail rate? Let’s firstly look at the critical points that can define […]

The Salesforce Advantage In my 17 years’ experience with CRM I have had the chance to see and work with many CRMs. From the typical Excel with macros through to Salesforce, via customised developments and software that couldn’t be maintained because the company had folded, verticals and cloud-based CRMs like Sugar. From this perspective I […]