Fourth Industrial Revolution In 2006, the economist Jeremy Rikfin described the beginning of a new scientific-technological revolution which would bring about fundamental changes in our global economy. Jeremy outlined the first steps being taken in an adventure of renewable energy, hybrid vehicles, intelligent networks, etc. At the time, many homes were still experiencing their first […]

Barcelona is not just a flagship European capital due to the millions of tourists it receives each year, but also for being a benchmark in the technology sector within Southern Europe.  Barcelona is an ecosystem where large multinationals (Naturgy, Grifols, Vueling, Seat) coexist with startups (Glovo, Corner Job, Cooltra) and family businesses that have become […]

While the first few months of the year have certainly been tough for all of us, as the saying goes, “The Show must go on”. With that in mind, Salesforce brings us this year’s “Summer Release” of new functionalities. When will these awesome new features be available? Since May 29-30 we have begun to see […]