The Salesforce Advantage In my 17 years’ experience with CRM I have had the chance to see and work with many CRMs. From the typical Excel with macros through to Salesforce, via customised developments and software that couldn’t be maintained because the company had folded, verticals and cloud-based CRMs like Sugar. From this perspective I […]

I´ll write today about Salesforce CPQ. Applications that enable each company to stand out from its competitors are a requirement in a fully globalised world. Specialisation and the added value of products and services is needed to survive. One of the key factors of differentiation is the way that product apps and their associated sales […]

At S4G Consulting I have the privilege of working with companies and organisations of all types, partnering with them and working jointly to make their digital transformation strategies a reality. One sector that I am passionate about and where the most progress is being made in the transformation of its business model in Spain is […]