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Appgree 4Biz now integrated in Salesforce:
Let’s take an example

The marketing manager of a company with 2,500 stores across the world wants to know why a new product is not delivering on its sales targets. How can he or she collect the opinions of the thousands of store managers and identify the main reasons for the problem?

Without Appgree 4Biz[S]

The marketing manager can use traditional means (emails, meetings, phone calls, etc.) to get the store managers’ opinions, but has no way of ranking them to identify which are the most important for the group.

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With Appgree 4Biz[S]

Through a process of fast and precise voting, Appgree 4Biz[S] can organise the thousands of answers received by degree of support obtained within the group. This means the marketing manager can easily identify the answers that the 2,500 store managers agree on most and act in line with the group’s real priorities and experience.

Appgree 4Biz[S] is powered by DemoRank™, a revolutionary algorithm patented by Appgree.

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That simplifies information collection and analysis.
Send an open question to your employees, customers, distributors or any other group and solve situations in real time:
Communication with customers 
  • What features would you like to see in our next product?

  • What do you think about our customer service?

  • What improvements would you make to our mobile app?

Communication with your business network
  • Which product is working best in-store?

  • Which sales strategy is producing the best results?

  • How can we cut our delivery times?

With Appgree 4Biz[S] you get a clear, immediate answer from your group, whether there are hundreds or millions of people. How it works.


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Easy to use

Just publish your question on Chatter (Salesforce) and Appgree 4Biz[S] will do the rest:


Appgree 4Biz[S] asks each user to assess a number of answers from other users. This reveals the answers that represent the group best.


Appgree 4Biz[S] orders the answers by degree of support obtained from users to show the group’s joint opinion.


If users think they have something they can bring to the group, they can send their answer and see how much support it gets from other users.


Regardless of whether hundreds, thousands or millions of answers are received: Appgree 4Biz ensures process speed and maximum statistical precision.


Publishing of open questions
Realtime information
Answers orderED by relevance
Accuracy on results
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Reduce time to market

Get immediate feedback from your customers and employees throughout all phases of the marketing process.

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Generate engagement

Make your customers, employees and distributors your partners and lock in their loyalty.

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Save on costs

Shorten long information collection and analysis processes.

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Know your customers

Discover your customers’ preferences first-hand.

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Identify problems and solutions beforehand

Discover the reason for each situation in real time and find the best solution.

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Recognize opportunities when they appear

Quickly identify and react to new market opportunities.

salesforce appgree icono banderas
Take action before others do

Quickly detect the competition’s actions and get ahead.

salesforce appgree icono brújula
Hunt down new trends

Be the first to recognize market trends and get in ahead of the competition.

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Spread best practices

Discover and share your teams’ best practices.

Start using Appgree 4Biz[S] today

Try the only technology that lets you converse with a group of any size as if it was one person.

Enable Appgree 4Biz[S] on Chatter (Salesforce).