Blockchain is the new Internet revolution which now allows the transfer of data and value with absolute security and in real time via multiple computers. The most disruptive features of Blockchain include: It needs no intermediaries or regulatory bodies – It is a Public, Secure, Decentralised and Transparent distributed network. It is fully auditable and […]

Being a Salesforce Developer in the Web/Mobile Development world One of the things I find myself doing time and again when talking about my job with somebody who has no connections with the technology industry is explaining what a Salesforce Developer actually does. Despite Salesforce being one of the #1 companies worldwide, the name doesn’t […]

When it comes to translations in Salesforce your options are limited to metadata (labels, picklist values, …). In an organization with an international reach this can lead to a partial solution, if users need to act upon record information in their own native language. Use cases are many, for example, a call centre implementation where […] EMEA Partner Innovation Dinner EMEA held its first partners meeting in London’s famous Savoy Hotel. The main aim was to present the new team in the EMEA region to its 11 most important partners. Our unprecedented success in Spain means that S4G Consulting had the honour of being the only Salesforce partner […]