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Our consulting team includes people with a proven track record in CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Remedy and Sugar CRM, who have delivered on hundreds of implementations, some with thousands of users.
S4G Consulting is dedicated exclusively to Salesforce.com and Force.com solutions. Salesforce is our passion, not just another product in our portfolio. As Salesforce Gold Partners we are specialists in the implementation of these types of solutions
Our number-one priority at S4G Consulting is customer satisfaction. Proof of this is the 90% average satisfaction score we received from 150-plus customers surveyed. This figure makes us the 4th leading Salesforce Gold Partner in the world in customer valuation.
S4G Consulting has been part of the Salesforce.com “Power of Us” program since February 2009, signing up to the Salesforce corporate philanthropy model. S4G offers NGOs a 20% discount on its services.
Javier Heitz

"I am extremely passionate about helping our customers become leaner organizations"


Javier Heitz CEO

"I am extremely passionate about helping our customers become leaner organizations"

I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, 13 of them in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) area. I am extremely passionate about helping our customers improve their operations, increase their sales, customer support & team performance and in general, become leaner organizations.
Having worked with several technologies over the years: Vantive, Remedy, Clarify & Salesforce, I have had the opportunity to work with very large organizations, both in Spain and in the UK (+4 years), optimize their processes and help transform them.

In 2008, along with other Partners, we established S4G Consulting, with the vision to help companies improve their sales and customer relationships using the best possible tool in the market: Salesforce. Since then we have had the opportunity to work with over 100 companies to implement their CRM solution and as of June 2013 S4G Consulting is the only Salesforce.com Gold Partner in Iberia (Spain & Portugal), which is testimony to our growth & commitment to customer success, our top 1 priority.

Martín Borthiry
Operations Director COO

"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."


Martín Borthiry Operations Director COO

"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."

I am a Computer Engineer with over 15 years of experience and passion for my work. I have broad experience in software development, doing so with multiple technologies, although mainly focused on Web architecture and Cloud Computing. I am specialized in the optimization and performance of large scale applications, front-end systems and Force.com applications. I have large experience with a broad range of computer languages and technologies, prioritizing always Web App solutions based on the Heavy Ajax Model or Single page applications. For a few years I have been a teacher at the Web Architecture department of the Computer Engineer degree at FASTA University (Argentina). Along my career I have led project in different areas such as CRM, Social networks and E-Commerce among others, doing so for large multinational companies such as Telefonica and Fnbox. On these projects I have always been focused on finding the best functional solution to focus, only once this has been done, on finding the best way of implementing it technically. Born Geek, I have always been interested in the latest technologies and I am convinced that the IT future of companies is Salesforce and the mobile platform. On the recent years I have focused my energy on discovering new solutions in this area. I joined S4G Consulting as the Technical Lead, to further strengthen an already solid and efficient team, capable of implementing Salesforce successfully for any customer. My focus now is to help from these leading position to ensure S4G keeps growing and delivering large successful projects to become one of the main Salesforce Partners in the world.

Jorge Negrete
Sales Director

“I believe in a young, innovative and solvent organization to help businesses become more competitive”


Jorge Negrete Sales Director

“I believe in a young, innovative and solvent organization to help businesses become more competitive”

I have over 20 years of experience in the world of applied technologies to businesses, in Sales, Marketing and Business Development management roles. I’m an industrial engineer and MBA by the IE.
My passion is to create and develop businesses and I like competing in growing markets where technological innovation is key.

I have worked in big multinational software corporations (like Microsoft), Telecom (like BT) and I have created and contributed to the development of spanish technology companies.
I joined S4G to lead the sales area in a leading Salesforce Solutions company to collaborate on its expansion and growth.

I am convinced that from an innovating, dynamic and reliable organization it is possible to give the best of services to businesses to help them to be more competitive and improve their business processes.

Yolanda Álvarez
Creative Director

"Simple, not easy"


Yolanda Álvarez Creative Director

"Simple, not easy"

Designer is my profession, publicist my career and communicator my vocation.
I have worked in large, medium and small agencies (and in my own, external and multinational ones too) for clients such as Ford, Movistar, BBVA, Iberia and Microsoft ( these are some large, medium, small, local, national and multinational examples).

I started my professional life in 1998 as a creative professional for brands which were displayed on costly sources such as paper and the massive media. The advertising speeches were very ambitious, over elaborated and produced.

In those years I worked in Promedia, Wunderman and, my own project, BYA, which made me realise that I liked another kind of communication: the one that speaks directly to the consumer, one to one.
That´s why I specialized in direct marketing.
After a few years and some awards, I was able to go one step further for the first time: working as a creative professional for the user.

I moved from the agency to the client itself and I was able to use my expertise in design to offer consumers honest and effective experiences focusing all my skills in conceptualisation, strategy, design, creation and writing to achieve that the brand-user or product-user relationship, simply, works.

Simple, right?

Íñigo Alonso-Alegre
Business Solution Manager

“Business processes and technology are the key factors that will allow a company to differentiate and shine out”


Íñigo Alonso-Alegre Business Solution Manager

“Business processes and technology are the key factors that will allow a company to differentiate and shine out”

After finishing my Business Administration studies in the US twenty years ago, I started a thrilling trip in the consulting and information systems world. Along the way I have been fortunate to participate on many projects, both in ERP implementations, business process definition and finally in CRM implementations. I've been working on Salesforce.com projects since 2003.

Within Salesforce I have managed complex multinational project with up to 14 countries involved, both in Sales, TechSupport and Marketing. In these projects we've taken advantage of the Salesforce impressive standard functionality and enriching it with appexchange applications and. when necessary, integrations with other applications such as ERPs were built.

Salesforce implementation approach let us focus on key business processes. This approach facilitates both communication and common understanding, adds value by optimizing and automating those processes. My duty in S4G is to lead the functional consultants team with primary focus on assuring both quality and customer satisfaction.

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History of the company
Susana Teso
Office Manager
Roberto Arconada
Product Lead
Gonzalo Gómez
HEDA & NPSP Specialist
Daniel Vázquez
Salesforce Architect
Alicia Hunck
Service Cloud & Community Cloud Specialist
Juan Saddemi
Sales Cloud & HEDA Specialist
Jonathan Wiesel
Salesforce Architect
Alberto Sánchez
Salesforce Architect
Víctor Andrés
Community Cloud Specialist
Laura Maseda
HR & Talent Acquisition
Lucas Buyo
Salesforce Architect
Arianna Dale
Service Cloud, Community Cloud & Salesforce CPQ Specialist
Alejandro Rosano
Sara Mesonero
Senior Account Executive
Varona Raposo
Sara Sarmiento
Mario Jiménez
Rubén Goitia
Julio Díaz
Daniela Logroño
Jose María Esteban
Marketing Cloud Specialist
Matías Kruk
Senior Developer
Bárbara García
Service Cloud & Salesforce CPQ Specialist
Diego Martín
Project Manager
Juana Valenzuela
Sales Cloud Specialist
Beatriz Álvarez
HR Assistant
Alba González
Cristina Matías
Ismael Ocaña
Javier Leza
Juan Carlos Pascual
Manuel Rodríguez
David Santos
Maribel Cáceres
Marketing Consultant
Jesús Iglesias
Óscar Pérez
Project Manager
Astrid Pacheco
Project Manager
Alberto Grossenbacher
Community Cloud & NPSP Specialist
Nuria Paniagua
Project Manager
Daniel Moreno
Marketing Consultant
Diego Manzano
Senior Account Executive
Bruno Fernández
Marketing Consultant
Ana Regueiro
HR & Talent Acquisition
Patricia de la Cruz
Technical Selection
Julián Gawron
Work with us

S4G Consulting is continuously growing and evolving at our offices in Madrid and Barcelona. We harness our dynamics and commitment to create an environment where we balance the professional growth of our collaborators with the development of more efficient and innovative CRM solutions for our customers.

We believe in people. We consider the driving force of our company to begin with each of the people who work with us. We like what we do and our teams have the energy needed to enjoy the pace that we set.

We are always on the lookout for new and enthusiastic professionals who are committed and keen to work with us on rolling out value solutions for our customers in an environment of continuous innovation and learning.

We know that doing things with integrity and transparency and applying maximum excellence will keep us on the road to success.

If you identify with this outlook and would like to join our project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you.


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