Currency Updater Paid Evolution

I have been using Currency Updater for years, why do I have to pay now?

Since we decided to release this app for free some years ago, the new releases and support to our installed base, were taking us a lot of time. The answers provided by us were not as quick as we wanted, so in order to make this app the best in class for our clients, and give a professional support, it was clear that an investment of more resources was needed and we had to move the solution to a paid application.

Can we test the app before we decide to update to Currency Updater Pro?

Of course, you have a 30 days trial period to test it. You will find that this new version is the best currency app in the market.

What happens if I don't update to Currency Updater Pro?

After a 30 days trial period, if you don't want to update to CUP you will lose your access to the services and it will stop updating currencies. We hope it won't happen, because we are sure about the value this service will bring to your organization.

Payment model

Unfortunately Salesforce doesn’t allow us to receive payments through bank transference.

The application's payment model is based on a yearly subscription of 40€ per company per month (billed yearly), the payment is done directly through the Appexchange listing via the Salesforce checkout process in which you'll be asked for your credit card information when making the installation on your production org. We will send you an invoice when the trial period expires and the payment is done.

We made contact with Salesforce to know if they are planning to allow other payments methods and they said: "ACH transfers are planned to be included in Checkout around the Dreamforce Timeframe. We will make an announcement when that happens."





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